Lanier. A Book of Giants

Today's free book is A Book of Giants by Henry Wysham Lanier (1922). For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust (I have not checked for other online sources).

Table of Contents

I. Giants of the Morning of the World
How Zeus Fought with Titans and Giants
The Giant Who Shines in the Sky
The Outwitting of Polyphemus
When Thor Went to Jotunheim
The Giant Pyramid-Builder
The Fatal Pride of Vukub
Og, King of Bashan
A Son of Anak

II. In the Days of Romance
Ferragus, Who Owned the Brazen Head
The Giant of St. Michael's Mount
Sir Launcelot and Tarquin
The Adventures of Yvain
The Turke and Gawain
Amadis among the Giants
The Giant behind the Waterfall
The One Good Giant: St. Christopher

III. Nursery Tales
The Giant Hand (Irish)
The Giant who had No Heart in his Body (Norse)
The Biter Bit (Serbian)
The Peach's Son (Japanese)
The Man Who Lost His Legs (Korean)
The Stone Giantess (North American Indian)

IV. Some Real Giants
Some Real Giants
What Science Has Learned about Giants

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