Young. Behind the Dark Pines

Today's free book is Behind the Dark Pines by Martha Young (1912) with illustrations by J.M. Conde. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust and Internet Archive (I have not checked for other online sources). You can find the stories listed and linked in Diigo.

Table of Contents

I.—Why Brer Rabbit Wears a Round-About
II.—Why Mister Frog is Still a Bachelor
III. —Miss Woodpecker's Bonnet
IV. —Brer Lizard's Strength and Wealth
V.—Miss Rabbit's Wedding Dress
VI.—Witch Bluebird
VII.—Crafty Mister Man Outwits Brer B'ar and Cuffey
VIII.—Why Miss Rabbit Never Got Married
IX.—Why Brer Buzzard Likes the Old Way Best
X.—Why Brer Possum's Tail is Bare
XI.—A Moss-Back Sinner in Every Meeting House
XII.—The Boastful Field Wren
XIII. —Silly Snake and His Money
XIV. —Brer Rabbit Goes Looking for Trouble
XV.—How the Humming Bird Lost Her Voice
XVI.—Brer Possum Routs Brer Lion
XVII.—How the News of the Wild Wood Got Abroad
XVIII.—How Brer Flea Outwits Brer Rabbit
XIX.—How Brer Coon Lost His Shoes
XX.—Where Mister Snake's Cunning Failed Him
XXI.—Why Gran'daddy Long-Legs Knows About the Cows
XXII.—How Brer Rabbit Rid Our Woods of the Elephants
XXIII. —Why Brer Possum and Brer Pig Parted Company
XXIV. —Every Cloud Has Its Silver Lining
XXV— "Trus' or Intrus'"
XXVI.—How Brer Possum Lost His Own Shoes
XXVII.—How Careless Brer B'ar Lost the Goobers
XXVIII.—How Mister Rabbit Was Punished for Discontent
XXIX.—Why Brer Fox Did Not Get the Goobers
XXX.—How Sis Wren Lost Her Prize
XXXI.—Why Brer Dog Barks
XXXII.—How Fair Maid Got the Last Lick
XXXIII. —Since When Mister Blackbird Wears Red Epaulets
XXXIV. —The First Walking-Sticks
XXXV.—Brer Rabbit Tells About the Circus Horses
XXXVI.—Why Miss Bat Never Sings
XXXVII.—How Brer Deer Got a White Face
XXXVIII.—How Mister Redbird Got His Color
XXXIX.—Brer Rabbit's Trick Saves the Deer
XL.—The Honest Dove and the Dishonest Partridge
XLI.—Why Brer Buzzard's Head is Bald
XLII.—Miss Redbird
XLIII.—How Brer Rabbit Got in the Water and Out Again
XLIV.—Chuck-Will's-Widow's Secret
XLV.—How Folks Learned to Roast Possum
XLVI.—Miss Polly Parrot Moves from the Kitchen to the Parlor
XLVII.—How Brer Deer Was Punished for Stealing Goobers
XLVIII.—Brer Deer's Revenge on Mister Terrapin
XLIX.—How Mister Rabbit Got a Good Dinner
L.—How People Learned the Taste of Possum and Potatoes
LI.—"Preachin' Ain't Practicin'"
LII.—Why Mister Mocking Bird Stays at Home
LIII.—How Johnny Mingo Got Free at Last
LIV.—The Old Folks of the Woods
LV.—The Dyeing Experience of Mister Rabbit

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