Hall. Haitian Creole Texts

Today's free book is Haitian Creole: grammar, texts, vocabulary by Robert A. Hall, Jr. (1953). For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The stories are in Creole with a facing-text English translation:

The book is available at Hathi Trust (I have not checked for other online sources).

Table of Contents

Bouqui and Malice Stories

1. Bouqui, Zombie and Bouquinette
2. Bouqui as Saddle-Horse 
3. Malice Rides Bouqui 
4. Bouqui in Love with the King's Child
5. Bouqui, Malice and Monkey
6. Bouqui Eats Own Mother 
7. Bouqui and Malice Get Bird's Eggs 
8. Big Klaus and Little Klaus 
9. Bouqui at the Tailor's
10. Bouqui's Goat 
11. Malice and Monkey's Tongue 

Other Stories 

1. King of Devils and Children
2. Bluebeard: Magical Escape
3. Why Dog Hates Cat 
4. The Country Without Women
5. Ambition Kills the Rat
6. The King's Daughter's Ring
7. Wadile: Money-Giving Lizard 
8. Sister and Brother: Clean and Dirty Water 
9. Cat, Goat, and Dog
10. The Lion and the Donkey
11. The Thief and the Lord
12. Boy and Syrup-Vendor 
13. Cherubin and Captain's Daughter 
14. Laline
15. Brother Crab-Fisher and Brother Parrot
16. Man Bewitches Girl 
17. Beautiful Son
18. The Tortoise and the Birds
19. The Misfortune They Cast on the Man who Killed a Snake
20. Tasting Rice
21. Jeanty-Henri: Cochon-Gras 
22. Poor Boy who Married the King's Daughter
23. Man Eats Bird
24. Bull and Calf: Father vs. Son
25. How Hawk Came to Eat Chicken
6.3 Vaudoun Ceremony for Taking Out a Loa
6.4. Proverbs 
6.5. Riddles 

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