Herskovits. Suriname Folk-lore

Today's free book is Suriname Folk-lore by Melville J. Herskovits and Frances S. Herskovits (1936). For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image. In addition to the tales listed below, the book also contains musical material.

The book is available at Hathi Trust (I have not checked for other online sources).

Table of Contents

Tales from Paramaribo

1. Outwitting Creditors: Chain of Victims 
2. Outwitting Creditors: Chain of Victims 
3. Outwitting Creditors: Escape Inside Gourd: The Talking Gourd  4. Outwitting Creditors: How Slavery Began 
5. Outwitting Creditors: Anansi Tricks Banker Buffalo 
6. Slandering a Rival: Anansi and Rabbit 
7. Slandering a Rival: Anansi and Deer 
8. Tar Baby: How Anansi Came by Eight Legs
9. Tar Baby: Why Anansi's Thighs are Thin 
10. Tar Baby: Monkey as Thief 
11. Tar Baby: God Above 
12. God Above 
13. A Lie Hurts More than a Wound: God Above
14. A Lie Hurts More than a Wound 
15. Mock Funeral: Gun is Dead 
16. Mock Funeral: Gun is Dead 
17. Mock Funeral: Tiger Plays Dead 
18. Mock Funeral: Tiger Plays Dead: Bone for a Stump 
19. Mock Funeral: Gifts from the Dead: Fatal Imitation 
20. Fatal Imitation: Monkey's Urine is Sweet 
21. Plot to Cook Goat: Bone for a Stump 
22. The Boxing Contest: Anansi Uses a Hammer
23. The Boxing Contest: Anansi Uses a Cudgel 
24. Tug of War 
25. Relay Race 
26. The Flying Contest 
27. Climbing Contest: Enemy as Judge 
28. Why Cock and Butter are Cooked Together: Enemy as Judge 
29. Fling Me! 
30. Anansi Rides Tiger 
31. Anansi Rides Tiger 
32. Anansi Rides Tiger 
33. Greed Test: The Earth Has Teeth 
34. The Mosquito Test: The Greed Test: The Earth Has Teeth 
35. The Pepper-Eating Test 
36. A Challenge to the Devil
37. Eating Tiger's Guts: Incriminating Song: The Killing Hot Bath 
38. The Killing Hot Bath: Tables Turned 
39. Curing the Sick: Killing Tiger's Children 
40. Curing the Sick: Till Nothing Remains 
41. Pot and Whip 
42. The Magic Whip 
43. Anansi's Wife Tricks Anansi 
44. Anansi's Wife Can Figure 
45. Collusion with Doctor: The Pots Acquire Feet
46. Collusion with Diviner: How the Madungu Disease Spread 
47. Guessing a Name: Anansi Disguises as a Baby
48. Guessing a Name: Anansi Disguises as a Baby
49. Guessing a Name: Anansi Disguises as a Baby
50. Anansi Disguises as a White Man 
51. Anansi Disguises as an American 
52. Anansi Disguises as an Angel: Tricks the Priest
53. Anansi Disguises as an Angel: Tricks his Mother 
54. Contortion as Disguise 
55. Speech Mannerism as Disguise 
56. Magic Against Gossip 
57. Magic Against Gossip 
58. Trading with Death 
59. Stealing from Death: How Death Came to the City 
60. Bargaining with Death 
61. No Secrets 
62. Playing Sick 
63. Profitable Amends: Three Slaves for Three Grains of Corn 
64. Profitable Amends: Half a Village for Two Chickens 
65. How Wisdom was Spread 
66. Enfant Terrible: Killing Magic Bird 
67. Enfant Terrible: Killing Magic Bird: How Obia Spread 
68. Aboma Kills Anansi 
69. Cat as King of Rats 
70. Why Cat and Dog are Enemies 
71. Dog Asks for a New Name 
72. Why Dog Goes About Naked 
73. Dog's Riddle 
74. Anansi Sets a Trap for Dog
75. Anansi Injures Apprentice Tiger: Kills Father Tiger 
76. Enemy Playmates: Snake and Toad 
77. Enemy Playmates: Kitten and Rat 
78. Baboon Teaches Dog to Climb 
79. Baboon Teaches Dog to Climb 
80. Incriminating Song 
81. Incriminating Song 
82. Grudging Hospitality 
83. Grudging Hospitality: the Feast on the Mountain and the Feast Under the Water 
84. Grudging Hospitality: the Feast on the Mountain and the Feast Under the Water 
85. Grudging Hospitality: Food-Taboo Pretext
86. False Friendship: Grudging Hospitality 
87. Seeing Trouble: Watcher Tricked 
88. Tables Turned: Cockroach Revenged on Anansi 
89. Lying about Food Taboo 
90. Lying about Food Taboo: Purge to Catch Thief 
91. Tiger Decoys Cock 
92. Chosen Suitor 
93. Snake Gives Beauty 
94. Tiger and Goat in Partnership: Pointing Kills
95. Animal Gratitude and Human Duplicity 
96. Animal Gratitude and Human Duplicity 
97. Animal Gratitude and Human Duplicitv 
98. The Reward for Good is the Cudgel 
99. The Prince Who Changed into a Bird 
100. The Good Child and the Bad: Cinderella: Magic Whip 
101. Abused Child: Devil Files his Tongue 
102. Enfant Terrible: Flight up the Tree 
103. The King's Daughter: Magic Flight 
104. King Leiman's Daughter: Magic Flight 
105. "Brother-None-Surpasses": Magic Flight 
106. Giants Cure Boastfulness 
107. The Boastful Drummer 
108. "Hide Anger till Tomorrow" 
109. One-foot, Big-ears, Broad-back, Wide-mouth
110. The Password: the Branding-iron 
111. The Leaf that Talked 
112. Unfaithful Wife: the Letter Trick 
113. The Stupid Wife 
114. Spreading the Fingers 
115. No Sympathy 
116. Take My Place 
117. Mock Killing: Take My Place 
118. The Unknown Sister 
119. Enfant Terrible: Fate of King "Nothing-Hurts-Him" 
120. The Rose that Talked: Secret Name: Jealous Sisters 
121. The Sleeping Prince 
122. Rumpelstiltskin 
123. Man Plays Maid-Servant 
124. The Man Who Understood Animal Speech 
125. "Woman Kills Man": Divulging Answer to Riddle 
126. "Woman Kills Man": The Faithless Wife 
127. "Woman Kills Man": The Jealous Father: Mother's Treachery 
128. Riddling for the Princess: Priest's Deception: Sleeping-mat Test 
129. Wealth from a Pot of Honey 
130. The Fastidious Go Hungry 
131. The Preacher Traps a Thief 
132. Master Liar 
133. Diploma for Laziness 
134. Cheating Death 
135. The Devil Complains 
136. Trespassing on the Devil's Land 
137. Broken Pledge: All Things Talk 
138. The Visit of the Vampire 
139. Disciplining a Drum 
140. Winti Adangra's Revenge 
141. Winti Adangra's Magic 
142. Yorka Come for Leftovers 
143. Yorka Teeth 
144. Yorka Rise from Graves 
145. The Guitar-Playing Yorka 
146. A Card Yorka 
147. Exorcising a Yorka 
148. Leba and Yorka Make a Wager 


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