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Today's free book is Negro tales from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and Calvin, Michigan by Richard Dorson (1958). For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust (I have not checked for other online sources). You can find the stories listed and linked in Diigo.

Table of Contents

Part I Negro Tales from Pine Bluff, Arkansas

I In the Field 

II Animal and Bird Stories  
1. Stealing the Butter
2. Stealing the Butter, Hiding in the Log
3. Tar Baby
4. Rabbit and Bear Inside the Elephant
5. Take My Place
6. Rabbit and Hedgehog
7. Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Frog Make Mr. Fox and Mr. Bear Their Riding-Horses
8. Rabbit and Fox Go Fishing
9. Rabbit and the Ashes
10. Quail and Rabbit
11. Bear and Buzzard
12. Bullfrog and Terrapin
13. Meeting Man
14. Elephant and Jackal
15. Calf Follows Bull
16. Preacher and Fowls
17. Poll Parrot

III Old Marster and John  
18. Marster's Gone to Philly-Me-York
19. John and the Horse
20. Dividing Souls
21. Talking Turtle
22. John Praying
23. A Dime for the Sack
24. Mike and Peter
25. Big Feet Contest
26. Watching the Pot
27. John and the Tigercat
28. Lazy John
29. John Outspells Master
30. John's Courtship
31. Saturday Night

IV Spirits 
32. Spirit of the Orchard
33. Tobe Courtney Has a Bad Evening
34. Haunted House in New Orleans
35. Testing to be a Two-Head
36. Plagued by Witch
37. Treasure Dream
38. Another Treasure Dream
39. The Mermaid

V Jocular Tales 
40. I'm Going to Fall
41. Waiting for Martin
42. Hardheaded Ghost
43. On the Cooling Board
44. Ketch Me John
45. A Is-er
46. What Darkens the Hole?
47. Preachers at the Fish Fry
48. White Man, Jew, Colored Man
49. Hunting Partners
50. Little Boy Sees Lion
51. Irishman at the Dance
52. Irishman on the Job
53. Dreaming Contest
54. The Fool Discovered
55. Nearsighted Old Lady
56. Three More Bigger Fools
57. The Silly Girl

VI Protest Tales  
58. John in Alabama
59. John Dodges White Man
60. Fast Departure
61. Chastising the Negro
62. Its and Ifs
63. Gifts from Heaven
64. Grass Eater
65. I'm Glad I'm Back Home
66. The Light Child
67. Mule, Buggy and Harness
68. White Man's Ice
69. Running the Red Light
70. Educating the White Folk
71. Measles
72. Mistake in Account
73. Never Seen a Bathtub
74. Po' Thing
75. The Governor's Convention
76. Billy Adams and Georgia the Peach State
77. Our Father
78. John and the Twelve Jews
79. Eating Farther Down the Hog
80. I'm Sopping My Own Gravy Now

Part II Negro Tales from Calvin, Michigan

I The Astonishing Repertoire of James Douglas Suggs  

II Animal and Bird Stories  
1. Why the Buzzard is Bald
2. Rabbit Fool the Panther
3. Riding-Horse
4. Playing Dead in the Road
5. The Rabbit and the Dog
6. Fox and Rabbit in the Well
7. Why the Cat Won't Fish
8. Crane and Eel
9. The Bull and the Elephant
10. Fowls at the Crap Game

III White Man and Colored Man  
11. The Old Coon
12. Efan and the Dumplings
13. Efan and the Padderolls
14. Fooling the Padderoll
15. Old Marster and the Hant
16. Colored Man in Heaven
17. Jake in Heaven
18. Nicodemus from Detroit
19. The Dodger
20. Monkey and the Cadillac
21. How the Negro Got His Hair

IV Supernatural Experiences 
22. Devil's Imps
23. A Steamboat Ghost
24. Born With a Veil
25. Sees Own Self
26. Spirit of Ella Eptings
27. Spirit Dog
2 8. Henry Allen Sees A Spirit
29. Mother Sees Dead Son
30. Hunting on Sunday
31. Shep's Two Spirit Experiences
32. A Hant in France
33 . Conversion
34. Catching the Witch
35. Treasure Hunt
36. Hidden Treasure and Hypnotism

V Hoodoos and Two-heads  
37. Magikin from Bombay
38. My Uncle and the Two-Headed
39. My Uncle's Mojo
40. Chuck-a-luck Sanders
41. Two Hoodoos

VI Cures and Signs  
42. The Thrash
43. Curing Nettle Rash
44. Grandmother Clara Suggs
45. Bloodstopping
46. Death Bells
47. Ghost Hole
48. Bad Luck Signs
49. Intercourse

VII True Wonders  
50. Dead Man Stands Up
51. Buried Twice
52. Buried Alive
53. Sells Wife for Beef
54. Snake and Baby
55. Bear and Baby
56. Alligator and Naked Man
57. Alligator Taken for Devil
58. Jesse James's Tunnel
59. A Bear Hunter Who Lost His Nerve
60. Moleskin the Brakeman
61. Tommie Suggs

VIII Protest Tales  
62. Guard on the County Farm
63. German Atrocity
64. Old Missy, the Mule and the Buggy
65. Will Kimbro Defends Himself
66. How Jack Farmer Escaped the Law
67. The New Dance Step
68. First Seeing a Train
69. Po' Thing
70. Jacob's Cut

IX Scriptural Tales 
71. Biblical Bits
72. Aaron and the Rod
73. Elijah and the Ax
74. Christ and the Mule
75. God Punishes the Dog
76. The Beginning of Mhm

X Tall Tales
77. The Big Watermelon
78. The Big Punkin
79. Big Cabbage
80. The Big Dog
81. Far-Sighted Man
82. Turning the Buffalo Around
83. Clever Chinches
84. Chinch Bugs

XI Irishmen  
85. The Irishmen and the Frogs
86. Irishman and Watch  
87. Irishman and Punkin  
88. Irish Bricklayer  
89. What Darkens the Hole?  

XII Preachers  
90. What did Paul Say?
91. Preacher and the Mule
92. Mistakes Preacher for Stump
93. The Preacher and the Jew

XIII Noodles  
94. Discovering the Fool
95. The Biggest Fool
96. Young Man in the Morning
97. Can't Call Them
98. Oh Lord Oh Devil
99. Funny Letter

XIV Jocular Tales  
100. Wait Till Martin Comes
101. Haunted Castle
102. The Lady's Pet Bear
103. Imitating the Bear
104. Biggest Liar in the County
105. Farmer and the Bull
106. Gambler Fools the Judge
107. The Blank Dice
108. Woman's Confession
109. Hobo Slang
110. Quarrelsome Couple
111. Minstrel Show
112a. Minstrel Dialogue
112b. Minstrel Dialogue

XV Riddles  
113. A Riddle About God
114. Endings

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