Macgowan. Chinese Folklore

Today's free book is Chinese Folklore by J. Macgowan. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust and Internet Archive.

I. — A Chapter on Fairies
II. — The Infamous Chow Sin and the Beautiful T'a Ki
III. — The Fairy and the Pear Seller
IV. — The Love Adventures of the Fox Fairy, Prince Hu
V. — Yu Kong the Athlete
VI. — Li, the Man with the Iron Staff
VII. — Wong Sing; or, How the Fortunes of a Royal Family were restored by a Fairy
VIII.— The Stirring Adventures of the Scholar Wang
IX. — The Mysterious Peach
X. — The Strange Adventures of the Scholar Siu
XI. — The Romantic Story of the Phoenix Fairy
XII. — Mr. Tang, the Filial Son
XIII. — Soat-Lip and the Youthful Fairy
XIV. — The King of the Nine Mountains
XV. — The Fairy Scholar
XVI.— Phoenix, the Beautiful Fox Fairy
XVII. — The Scholar Hai, and the Fairy Songster, Lady Kwey
XVIII. — Mr. Wang and the Taoist Abbott
XIX. — The King of the Snakes
XX. — How an Expectant Prime Minister was Cured of his Ambition by the Ingenious Device
of a Fairy

Macgowan published another book which is available at Project Gutenberg: Chinese Folklore Tales, but pages were missing from the book, and I have not been able to find another scan of the book to supplement the missing pages. If you are curious, though, here are the titles of the stories in that book (not all of which are complete): I. The Widow Ho Ii. Kwang-jui and the God of the River Iii. The Beautiful Daughter of Liu-kung Iv. The Fairy Bonze V. The Mysterious Buddhist Robe Vi. The Vengeance of the Goddess Vii. "the Wonderful Man" Viii. The God of the City Ix. The Tragedy of the Yin Family X. Sam-chung and the Water Demon Xi. The Reward of a Benevolent Life

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