Mackenzie. Myths of China and Japan

Today's free book is Myths of China and Japan by Donald Mackenzie. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive.

I. The Dawn of Civilization
II. A Far-travelled Invention
III. Ancient Mariners and Explorers
IV. The World-wide Search for Wealth
V. Chinese Dragon Lore
VI. Bird and Serpent Myths
VII. Dragon Folk-stories
VIII. The Kingdom under the Sea
IX. The Islands of the Blest
X. The Mother-goddess of China and Japan
XI. Tree-, Herb-, and Stone-lore
XII. How Copper-culture reached China
XIII. The Symbolism of Jade
XIV. Creation Myths and the God and Goddess Cults
XV. Mythical and Legendary Kings
XVI. Myths and Doctrines of Taoism
XVII. Culture Mixing in Japan
XVIII. Japanese Gods and Dragons
XIX. Rival Deities of Life and Death, Sunshine and Storm
XX. The Dragon-slayer and His Rival
XXI. Ancient Mikados and Heroes

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