Lee. Chinese Tales Told in California

Today's free book is The Golden Mountain: Chinese Tales Told in California as collected by Jon Lee. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust.


(1) The shadow on the wall
(2) A small piece of grass
(3) The haunted house
(4) The blue light
(5) The sound of the slippers
(6) The mysterious house
(7) The monk who died
(8) A dead woman comes to life again
(9) The daughter returns
(10) The ghost in the coffin
(11) The shadow and the earth gods
(12) A corpse takes a wife
(13) The magic snake-wife
(14) The ghost wife
(15) The ghost wife
(16) The ghost wife
(17) The painted skin
(18) The phantom wife
(19) The three travelers
(20) The marriage festival of the ghosts
(21) The coffin that stood in the west
(21a) The corpse, the blood drinker


1. Ogre Stories 
(22) The man-eating snake
(23) The snake with a man's head
(24) Long fingernails
(25) The woman with the long tongue
(26) The cannibal demon
(27) The phantom snake
(28) The priest and the phantom spirit
(29) The man who was transformed into a wild

2. Animal Stories
(30) The hunter and the snake
(31) How the cat and the tiger came into
(32) The peacock and the crab
(33) How a daughter-in-law became a monkey
(34) Why the cow can no longer speak
(35) Why dogs and cats don't like each other Version I
(36) Why dogs and cats don't like each other Version II
(37) Why certain fish have sand in their
(38) Why mice and rats are timid
(39) Why the village gods are never housed
(40) How the term "drinking vinegar" came to
mean that one is jealous 6
(41) Why white mice mean good luck
(42) The snake who could not enter heaven

3. Fairy Tales
(43) The magic melon
(44) The magic picture
(45) The thousand league horse
(46) The precious tokens
(47) The miracle bead
(48) The long lost mother
(49) The precious cups
(50) The magic vessel
(51) How money fell from the sky
(52) The three brothers who came from heaven
(53) How the kingdom of hell recovered its
(54) Seven days in the mountain, several
thousand years in the world

4. Human Tales 
(55) The cunning murderer
(56) The bridge-builder
(57) The young fighter
(58) Shee Yan Quai
(59) The rich man and the robber
(60) The son who liked to gamble
(61) The man who loved jewels
(62) The girl with the scar
(63) The old beggar
(64) The ugly girl
(65) The faithful son


(66) The gambler with the miraculous nose
(67) The teacher who had only one pair of
(68) The three sons-in-law
(69) The eel that wore a vest
(70) The loudest drum in the world

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