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Today's free book is The Kojiki (volume 1) translated by Basil Hall Chamberlain. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Sacred Texts Archive, and the links below are to that online edition.

Section I.—The Beginning of Heaven and Earth
Section II.—The Seven Divine Generations
Section III.—The Island of Onogoro
Section IV.—Courtship of the Deities The Male-Who-Invites and the Female Who-Invites
Section V.—Birth of the Eight Islands
Section VI.—Birth of the Various Deities
Section VII.—Retirement of Her Augustness The Princess-Who-Invites
Section VIII.—The Slaying of the Fire-Deity
Section IX.—The Land of Hades
Section X.—The Purification of the August Person
Section XI.—Investiture of the Three Deities; The Illustrious August Children
Section XII.—The Crying and Weeping of His Impetuous-Male-Augustness
Section XIII.—The August Oath
Section XIV.—The August Declaration of the Division of the August Male Children and the August Female Children
Section XV.—The August Ravages of His Impetuous-Male-Augustness
Section XVI.—The Door of the Heavenly Rock-Dwelling
Section XVII.—The August Expulsion of His-Impetuous-Male-Augustness
Section XVIII.—The Eight-Forked Serpent
Section XIX.—The Palace of Suga
Section XX.—The August Ancestors of the Deity-Master-Of-The-Great Land
Section XII.—The White Hare of Inaba
Section XXII.—Mount Tema
Section XXIII.—The Nether-Distant-Land
Section XXIV.—The Wooing of the Deity-of-Eight-Thousand-Spears
Section XXV.—The Cup Pledge
Section XXVI.—The Deities the August Descendants of the Deity Master-of-the-Great-Land
Section XXVII.—The Little-Prince-the-Renowned-Deity
Section XXVIII.—The August-Luck-Spirit-the-August-Wondrous-Spirit
Section XXIX.—The August Children of the Great-Harvest-Deity And of the Swift-Mountain-Deity
Section XXX.—The August Deliberation for Pacifying the Land
Section XXXI.—The Heavenly-Young-Prince
Section XXXII.—Abdication of the Deity Master-of-the-Great-Land
Section XXXIII.—The August Descent from Heaven of His Augustness the August Grandchild
Section XXXIV.—The August Reign in Himuka of His Augustness Prince Rice-Ear-Ruddy-Plenty
Section XXXV.—The Duchess of Saru
Section XXXVI.—The Deity Prince of Saruta at Azaka
Section XXXVII.—The Curse of the Deity Great-Mountain-Possessor
Section XXXVIII.—The August Child-Bearing of Princess-Blossoming Brilliantly-Like-the-Flowers-of-the-Trees
Section XXXIX.—The August Exchange of Luck
Section XL.—The Palace of the Ocean-Possessor
Section XLI.—Submission of His Augustness Fire-Shine
Section XLII.—The Parturition-House of Cormorants' Feathers
Section XLIII.—The August Children of His Augustness Cormorant-Thatch-Meeting-Incompletely

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