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Today's free book is Egyptian literature: comprising Egyptian tales, hymns, litanies, invocations, the Book of the Dead, and cuneiform writings with a special introduction by Epiphanius Wilson (1902). For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available to read online at Hathi Trust (I have not checked other online sources).

Table of Contents

The Book of the Dead:
A Hymn to the Setting Sun 
Hymn and Litany to Osiris 
Hymn to Ra
Hymn to the Setting Sun 
Hymn to the Setting Sun
The Chaplet of Victory
The Victory Over Enemies 
Of Giving a Mouth to the Overseer
Of Giving a Mouth to Osiris Ani
Opening the Mouth of Osiris 
Of Bringing Charms to Osiris 
The Chapter of Memory
Of Giving a Heart to Osiris 
Of Preserving the Heart
Of Preserving the Heart 
Of Preserving the Heart
The Heart of Carnelian 
Preserving the Heart
Preserving the Heart 
Preserving the Heart 
Beating Back the Crocodile
Beating Back the Crocodile
Repulsing Serpents
Against Snakes
Against Serpents 
Driving Away Apshait 
Driving Back the Merti 
Living by Air 
Living by Air
Driving Back Rerek 
Repulsing the Eater of the Ass
Abolishing the Slaughterings 
Abolishing the Slaughterings
Air and Water 
Dominion Over Elements
Dominion Over Elements
Preservation of the Soul
Of Drinking Water
Preservation from Scalding 
On Coming Forth by Day
Chapter of Knowledge 
Of Gaining Mastery Over Enemies
Victory Over Enemies 
Coming Forth by Day 
Opening the Underworld
Coming Forth by Day 
Coming Forth by Day
Coming Forth by Day
Coming Forth by Day 
Of Lifting Up the Feet 
Of journeying to Annu 
Of Transformation
Of Performing Transformations 
Of Transformation into a Hawk
Of Transformation into a Governor
Of Transformation into a God
Transformation into a Lotus
Transformation into Ptah
Transformation into a Bennu Bird
Transformation into a Heron
Of the Living Soul
Of the Swallow 
The Serpent Sata 
Of the Crocodile 
Soul and Body
Of Evil Recollections
Of Rescue 
Of Opening the Tomb 
Of Not Sailing to the East
Of the Ink-pot and Palette
Of Being Nigh unto Thoth 
Of Being Nigh unto Thoth
Of Bringing a Boat Along in Heaven 
Of Bringing the Makhent Boat 
Of Entering the Boat of Ra
Of Protecting the Boat of Ra
Of Going into the Boat of Ra
Of Knowing the Souls of the East
Of Sekhet-Hetepet 
Of Knowing the Souls of Fe
Of Knowing the Souls of Nekhen
Of Knowing the Souls of Khemennu
Of Coming Forth from Heaven 
Of Knowing the Souls of Khemennu 
Of Receiving Paths
Of Coming Forth from Re-Stau
Of Corning Forth from Re-Stau
Of Going About in the Underworld 
Of Entering into the Great House 
Of Entering the Presence 
The Introduction to Maati
The Introduction to Maati 
The Negative Confession 
Address to the Gods of the Underworld
On the Four Apes
Of the Praise of the Gods
Adoration of the Gods of the Qerti 
Hymn of Praise to Osiris
Of Making Perfect the Khu
Of Living Nigh unto Ra 
Of Bringing Men Back to Earth 
Of Making Perfect the Khu
For the New Moon 
Of Travelling in the Boat of Ra
Of Making Perfect the Khu
Sailing in the Great Boat
Of the Four Flames

Egyptian Tales:
The Taking of Joppa
The Doomed Prince
Anpu and Bata
Setna and the Magic Book
Tales of the Magicians 
The Peasant and the Workman 
The Shipwrecked Sailor
The Adventures of Sanehat

The Tell Amarna Tablets:
The Hittite Invasion of Damascus
The Amorite Treachery
The War in Phoenicia
Northern Palestine
Southern Palestine 
Royal Letters 

Inscriptions and Papyri:
The Great Tablet of Rameses II 
Hymn to Osiris
Travels of an Egyptian
Dirge of Menephtah 
Hymn to the Nile
Solemn Festal Dirge of the Egyptians 
Hymns to Amen 
Hymn to Pharaoh
The Song of the Harper
Hymn to Amen-Ra
Hymn to Ra-Harmachis
Lamentations of Isis and Nephthys
Litany of Ra 
The Book of Respirations 

Epic of Penta-Our

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