Steele. The story of Alexander

Today's free book is The story of Alexander by Robert Steele (1894). For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at UFDC (I have not checked for other online sources).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. How Anectanabus Was King Of Egypt, And Why He Fled Into The Land Of Macedon

Chapter 2. Of Olympias And Anectanabus, Of The Magic He Wrought, And Of The Birth Of Alexander

Chapter 3. How Alexander Tamed The Horse Bucephalus, And How He Did His First Deed Of Arm

Chapter 4. Tells Of The Embassy Of Darius, Of The Death Of Philip, And The Crowning Of Alexander

Chapter 5. How Alexander Gathered An Army Together: How He Built Alexandria And Laid Siege To The City Of Tyre 

Chapter 6. Tells Of The Foray Of Kadesh, And Of Its Ending, And Of The Taking Of The City Of Tyre 

Chapter 7. How Alexander Came To Jerusalem, How The Bishop Met Him, And What There Befell Him

Chapter 8. Tells How Darius The Emperor Sent Presents To Alexander, And What Was The Present Sent Back To Him

Chapter 9. Tells How Alexander Destroyed Thebes And How It Was Rebuilt, And Of His Return To Persia 

Chapter 10. How Alexander Defeated The Persians. And How He Went To The Feast Of Darius

Chapter 11. Tells Of The Battle Between Alexander And Darius, And Of The Slaying Of Darius

Chapter 12. How Alexander Married Roxana, The Daughter Of The Emperor, And How He  Defeated Porus The King Of India

Chapter 13. How Alexander And His Men Passed The Night Of Fear, And How He Saw The Greatest And The Least Thing On Earth

Chapter 14. How Alexander And His Army  Passed Through The Valley Of Terror And  Sought The Wells Of Life 

Chapter 15. How The Brahmans Came To King Alexander And What He Learnt From Them : And Of The Coming Of The Amazons 

Chapter 16. How Alexander Passed Through The Land Of Darkness And Slew The Basilisk

Chapter 17. How Alexander Came To The Trees Of The Sun And The Moon, And What They Told Him 

Chapter 18. How Alexander Slew Porus And Won Back The Wife Of Candoyl And Was Known Of Candace When He Came To Her

Chapter 19. Tells How Alexander Defeated Gog And Magog, How He Went Up Into The Air And Down Into The Sea 

Chapter 20. How Alexander Came To His Life's End And Was Buried, And What Thereon Befell

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