Burt. Odysseus, The Hero of Ithaca

Today's free book is Odysseus, The Hero of Ithaca by Mary Burt (1898). For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at UFDC (I have not checked for other online sources).

Table of Contents

PART I An Introduction to the Life of the Hero, Odysseus
I. About Troy and the Journey of Paris toGreece
II. The Flight of Helen
III. The Greeks Sail for Troy
IV. The Fall of Troy

PART II The Return of Odysseus to His Own Country
V. Odysseus on the Island of Calypso
VI. Odysseus Constructs a Raft and Leaves the Island
VII. Odysseus is Saved on the Island of Scheria
VIII. Nausicaa is Sent to the River by Athena
IX. Odysseus Arrives at the Palace of Alkinoos
X. Odysseus in the Halls of Alkinoos
XI. The Banquet in Honor of Odysseus
XII. Odysseus Relates His Adventures
XIII. The Lotus-Eaters and the Cyclops
XIV. The Cave of the Cyclops
XV. The Blinding of the Cyclops
XVI. Odysseus and His Companions Leave the Land of the Cyclops
XVII. The Adventures of Odysseus on the Island of Aeolus
XVIII. Odysseus at the Home of Circe
XIX. Circe Instructs Odysseus Concerning His Descent to Hades
XX. The Adventures of Odysseus in Hades
XXI. Odysseus Converses with His Mother and Agamemnon
XXII. Conversation with Achilles and Other Heroes
XXIII. The Return of Odysseus to the Island of Circe
XXIV. Odysseus Meets the Sirens, Skylla, and Charybdis
XXV. Odysseus on the Island of Helios
XXVI. The Departure of Odysseus from the Island of Scheria
XXVII. Odysseus Arrives at Ithaca
XXVIII. Odysseus Seeks the Swineherd

PART III The Triumph of Odysseus
XXIX. Athena Advises Telemachos
XLIV. Eurycleia Recognizes Odysseus
XLV. Penelope's Dream
XLVI. Athena Encourages Odysseus
XLVII. The Last Banquet of the Suitors
XLVIII. Odysseus Bends the Bow
XLIX. Death of the Suitors
L. Eurycleia Announces the Return of Odysseus to Penelope
LI. Odysseus Visits His Father

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