Church. Greek story and song

Today's free book is Greek story and song by Alfred J. Church (1903). For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust (I have not checked for other online sources).

Table of Contents

Part 1. The Elder World
The Binding Of Prometheus
The Deeds And Death Of Hercules
The Voyage Of The Argo
The Story Of Theseus

Part 2. The Story of Troy
How The Greeks Sailed To Troy
The Quarrel
The Great Need Of The Greeks
The Deeds And Death Of Patroclus
The Rousing Of Achilles
The Battle At The River
The Slaying Of Hector
The Bow Of Hercules

Part 3. The Return Of The Heroes
The Story Of Ulysses
The Return Of Ulysses
The Strange Story Of The False Helen
The Story Of Orestes
The Loosing Of Orestes
The Finding Of Iphigenia

Part 4. Fancy and Fact.
Poor But Honest
The Regiment Of Women
Bird Land
Going To The Adonis Show

Part 5
Laurel, Cypress And Rose. A Greek Nosegay

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