Squire. Celtic Myth and Legend, Poetry and Romance

Today's free book is Celtic Myth and Legend, Poetry and Romance by Charles Squire. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image, and be sure to read Bruno Hare's Introduction comments at Sacred Texts too.

The book is available at Sacred Texts, Internet Archive, and Hathi Trust.

Celtic Mythology
Chapter I. The Interest and Importance of Celtic Mythology
Chapter II. The Sources of Our Knowledge of the Celtic Mythology
Chapter III. Who Were the ''Ancient Britons''?
Chapter IV. The Religion of the Ancient Britons and Druidism

The Gaelic Gods
Chapter V. The Gods of the Gaels
Chapter VI. The Gods Arrive
Chapter VII. The Rise of the Sun-God
Chapter VIII. The Gaelic Argonauts
Chapter IX. The War with the Giants
Chapter X. The Conquest of the Gods by Mortals
Chapter XI. The Gods in Exile
Chapter XII. The Irish Iliad
Chapter XIII. Some Gaelic Love-Stories
Chapter XIV. Finn and the Fenians
Chapter XV. The Decline and Fall of the Gods

The British Gods
Chapter XVI. The Gods of the Britons
Chapter XVII. The Adventures of the Gods of Hades
Chapter XVIII. The Wooing of Branwen and the Beheading of BrĂ¢n
Chapter XIX. The War of Enchantments
Chapter XX. The Victories of Light Over Darkness
Chapter XXI. The Mythological ''Coming of Arthur''
Chapter XXII. The Treasures of Britain
Chapter XXIII. The Gods as King Arthur's Knights
Chapter XXIV. The Decline and Fall of the Gods

Survivals of Celtic Paganism
Chapter XXV. Survivals of the Celtic Paganism into Modern Times

A Few Books upon Celtic Mythology and Literature
Table of Pronunciation for the More Difficult Words