Gregory. A Book of Saints and Wonders

Today's free book is A Book of Saints and Wonders Put Down Here According to the Old Writings and the Memory of the People of Ireland by Lady Gregory. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Sacred Texts, Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

Brigit in her Young Youth
Brigit in her Father's House
She Minds the Dairy
She Fills the Vessels
The Man that had Lost his Wife's Love
The Drying of Brigit's Cloak
The King of Leinster's Fox
Brigit Spreads her Cloak
The Leper who would be a King
The Lake of Milk
The Things Brigit wished for
The Son of Reading
The Fishes Honour her
A Hymn made for Brigit by Brennain or another
Brigit Helps the Mother of God  o
The First of February
A Hymn Brocan made for Brigit
Her Care for Leinster
She Remembers the Poor
The Boy that dreamed he would get
his Health
The Water of the Well
The Binding

The Golden Moon
He learns his Letters
His Helpers the Angels
Doire the Plain of the Oakwood
A Praise he made of Doire and he going over the Sea
Columcille's little Kinsman
His Farewell to Aran
The Island of Hii
The Crane from Ireland
Ireland was more to him than any other Place
The Poor Man and the Stake
The Nettle Broth
The Cranes of Druim Ceta
His Strange Visitor
The Breaking of Columcille's Guarantee
The Voyage of Snedgus
A Hymn Columcille made and he going a Journey
The Ladder of Glass
Columcille keeps the Feast of Pentecost
How the News was brought to Ireland
Forgaill's Lament
Columcille's Burying Place
Columcille's Valley

The Four Households
He gets his Freedom
The Man and Woman that were always Young
Patrick goes back to Ireland
The Deer's Cry
Patrick and the Big Men
The Hidden Well of Usnach
Patrick and Cascorach the Musician
Patrick's Farewell to Caoilte
Bodb Dearg's Daughter
Ethne the Beautiful and Fedelm the Rosy-Red
The Soul and the Body
Patrick's Rush Candles
His Church at Ardmacha
He is Waked by the Angels

The Queen's Foster-Son
The Little Bald Islands
The Island of Ants
The Island of Birds
The Beast that was like a Horse
The Demon Riders
A House of Plenty
The Apple Rod
The Whirling Beast
The Wicked Horses
The Fiery Pigs
The Little Cat
The War of Colours
The Weighty Calves
The Mill
The Island of Keening
The Four-Fenced Island
The Woman with the Pail
The Sound like Psalms
The Sod from Ireland
The Well of Nourishment
The Smiths at the Forge
The Very Clear Sea
The Sea like a Mist
The Pelting with Nuts
The Salmon Stream
The Silver-Meshed Net
The Door under Locks
The Ball of Thread
The Salley Trees
The Bird that got back its Youth
The Laughing People
The Fire-Walled Island
The Covetous Cook
The Bird from Ireland

Blessed Ciaran and his Scholars
His Kindness is living yet
Blessed Cellach's Lament
The Wolf's Prophecy
Liban the Sea Woman
The Priest and the Bees
The Hymn of Molling's Guest
Tuan, Son of Cairell
Fintain's Yew Tree
How Conchubar the High King died for Christ
The Wonders told by Philip the Apostle that was called the Ever-Living Tongue
The Seven Heavens
The Secrets of the Sea
Four of the World's Wells
The Four Precious Stones
The Four Trees that have a Life like the Angels
The Journey of the Sun
The Nature of the Stars
The High Ever-Living Birds  Four of the Strange Races of Mankind
The Valley of Pain
The Cloud of Witnesses
A Praise of Caillen and his Blessed Death
The Calling of Martin the Miller
Martin and the Grass-Corn
The Birth of Colman of Aidhne
His Home in Burren
The Little Lad and the Birds
The Little Lad in the Well
Colman helps a Farmer
He shows Respect for Respect
A Very Good Well
Marbhan's Hymn of Content
Guaire, the Helper of the Poor
His Kindness to the Bush
The Making of the Harp
Mochae and the Bird
The Priest that was called Mad
The Old Woman of Beare

His Vision of the Land of Promise
The News of the Hidden Country
The Beginning of Brendan's Search
The Very Comely Hound
The Island of Sheep
Jasconye the Fish
The Paradise of Birds
The Silent Brotherhood
The Feast of the Resurrection
The Bird's Foretelling
The Dangers of the Sea
A Border of Hell
A Most Wretched Ghost
Paul the Hermit
A Lucky Journey
The Land of Promise
Brendan's Home-coming