Burt-Ragozin. Herakles and Other Heroes

Today's free book is Herakles, the Hero of Thebes, and Other Heroes of the Myth by Mary Burt and Zenaide Ragozin. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at  Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

I. The Babe Herakles [Heracles, Hercules]
II. Herakles is Doomed to Serve Eurystheus
III. The First Labor—The Nemean Lion
IV. The Second Labor—Herakles Kills the Water-Snake of Lake Lerna
V. The Third Labor—The Golden-Horned Hind
VI. The Fourth Labor—The Erymanthian Boar
VII. The Fifth Labor—Herakles Cleans the Augeian Stables
VIII. The Sixth Labor—The Birds of Stymphalos
IX. The Seventh Labor—Herakles Catches the Mad Bull of Crete
[viii]X. The Eighth Labor—The Horses of Diomedes
XI. The Ninth Labor—The Girdle of Hippolyte
XII. The Tenth Labor—The Cattle of Geryon
XIII. The Eleventh Labor—The Golden Apples of Hesperides
XIV. The Twelfth Labor—Herakles Fetches Cerberus Out of Hades
XV. Theseus, the Hero of Athens
XVI. The First Exploits of Theseus. He Finds His Father
XVII. The Adventures of Theseus
XVIII. The Adventures of Theseus
XIX. Jason, the Hero of Thessaly
XX. Jason Claims His Throne
XXI. The Expedition
XXII. Jason Finds the Golden Fleece
XXIII. Orpheus, the Hero of the Lyre
XXIV. Pelops, the Hero of the Peloponnesos
[ix]XXV. Perseus, the Hero of Argos
XXVI. Perseus Finds the Gorgons
XXVII. Perseus Rescues Andromeda
XXVIII. Perseus Becomes King of Tiryns
XXIX. Triptolemos, the Hero of Eleusis, and Demeter, the Earth-Mother
XXX. Demeter’s Grief
XXXI. Demeter’s Joy
XXXII. Triptolemos Becomes a Hero. Demeter’s Gift
XXXIII. Prometheus, the Champion of Mankind
XXXIV. Prometheus Unbound
XXXV. Deukalion, the Champion of a New Race
XXXVI. D├Ždalos, a Hero of Invention
XXXVII. Phaethon, a Hero of Bad Fortune
XXXVIII. The Death of Phaethon