Kline. Beowulf

Today's free book is Beowulf, as translated by Tony Kline. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

Tony Kline, the translator, has generously made his work available to read for free online: Beowulf.

Part I Prologue and Sections: I-IV Lines 1-319
Part II Sections: V-IX Lines 320-661
Part III Sections: X-XV Lines 662-1049
Part IV Sections: XVI-XX Lines 1050-1382
Part V Sections: XXI-XXVI Lines 1383-1816
Part VI Sections: XXVII-XXXI Lines 1817-2220
Part VII Sections: XXXII-XXXV Lines 2221-2601
Part VIII Sections: XXXVI-XXXVIII Lines 2602-2820
Part IX Sections: XXXIX-XLIII Lines 2821-3182