Beckwith. Jamaica Anansi Stories

Today's free book is Jamaica Anansi Stories by Martha Warren Beckwith. You can find out more about this book in the Jamaica Anansi Stories unit of the Myth-Folklore UnTextbook.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Sacred Texts Archive, and Hathi Books.

1. Tying Tiger. 
2. Tiger as Substitute. 
3. Tiger as Riding-horse. 
4. Tiger's Sheep-skin Suit. 
5. Tiger Catching the Sheep-thief. 
6. Tiger's Breakfast. 
7. Eggs and Scorpions. 
8. Tiger's Bone-hole. 
9. The Christening. 
10. Eating Tiger's Guts. 
11. Throwing away Knives. 
12. Grace Before Meat. 
13. Day-time Trouble. 
14. New Names. 
15. Long-shirt. 
16. Shut up in the Pot. 
17. House in the Air. 
18. Goat on the Hill-side. 
19. Dog and Dog-head. 
20. Tacoomah's Corn-piece. 
21. Anansi and the Tar-baby. 
22. Inside the Cow. 
23. Cunnie-More-Than-Father. 
24. The Duckano tree. 
25. Food and Cudgel. 
26. The Riddle. 
27. Anansi and Brother Dead. 
28. Brother Dead and the Brindle Puppy. 
29. The Cowitch and Mr. Foolman. 
30. Dry-Head and Anansi.  
31. The Yam-hills. 
32. The Law against Back-biting. 
33. Fling-a-mile. 
34. But-but and Anansi. 
35. Tumble-bug and Anansi. 
36. Horse and Anansi. 
37. Anansi in Monkey Country. 
38. Curing the Sick. 
39. Anansi, White-belly and Fish. 
40. Goat's Escape. 
41. Turtle's Escape. 
42. Fire and Anansi. 
43. Quit-quit and Anansi. 
44. Spider Marries Monkey's Daughter. 
45. The Chain of Victims. 
46. Why Tumble-bug Rolls in the Dung. 
47. Why John-crow has a Bald Head. 
48. Why Dog is always Looking.  
49. Why Rocks at the River are covered with Moss. 
50. Why Ground-dove Complains. 
51. Why Hog is always Grunting. 
52. Why Toad Croaks. 
53. Why Woodpecker Bores Wood. 
54. Why Crab is afraid after Dark. 
55. Why Mice are no Bigger. 
56. Rat's Wedding. 
57. Cockroach Stories. 
58. Hunter, Guinea-hen and Fish. 
59. Rabbit Stories. 
60. The Animal Race.  
61. The Fasting Trial (fragment). 
62. Man is Stronger. 

63. The Pea that made a Fortune. 
64. Settling the Father's Debt. 
65. Mr. Lenaman's Corn-field. 
66. Simon Tootoos.  
67. The Tree-wife.  
68. Sammy the Comferee. 
69. Grandy-Do-an'-Do. 
70. Jack and Harry. 
71. Pea-fowl as Messenger. 
72. The Barking Puppy. 
73. The Singing Bird. 
74. Two Sisters. 
75. Asoonah. 
76. The Greedy Child. 
77. Alimoty and Aliminty. 
78. The Fish Lover.  
79. Juggin Straw Blue.  
80. The Witch and the Grain of Peas.  
81. Bosen Corner. 
82. The Three Dogs.  
83. Andrew and his Sisters.  
84. The Hunter. 
85. Man-Snake as Bridegroom.  
86. The Girls who married the Devil. 
87. Bull as Bridegroom. 
88. The Two Bulls. 
89. Ballinder Bull.  
90. Bird Arinto.  
91. Tiger Softens his Voice. 
92. Hidden Names. 
93. Anansi and Mr. Able.  
94. The King's Three Daughters. 
95. The Dumb Child. 
96. The Dumb Wife. 
97. Leap, Timber, Leap. 
98. The Boy fools Anansi. 
99. The Water Crayfish. 

100. Ali Baba and Kissem. 
101. Bull-of all-the-Land.  
102. The Boiling Pot. 
103. The Twelve One-eyed Men. 
104. Bird and Hunter. 
105. Jack and the Devil Errant. 
106. The Magic Hat and the Staff of Life. 
107. Uncle Green and Jack. 
108. Big Begum and Little Begum. 
109. The Fool and the Wise Brother. 
110. The Children and the Witch. 
111. The Boy and the Mermaid. 
112. Difficult Tasks. 
113. The Grateful Beasts. 
114. Jack and the Bean-stalk. 
115. Jack and the Devil. 
116. Jack's Riddle. 
117. Jack as Fortune-teller. 
118. Robin as Fortune-teller. 
119. Jack and the Grateful Dead. 
120. The Boy and his Master. 
121. The Language of Beasts. 
122. The Three Pieces of Advice. 
123. Three Brothers and the Life-tree. 
124. The Skilful Brothers. 
125. The Three Sillies. 
126. A Misunderstanding. 
127. Big-head, Big-belly, and Little-foot. 
128. The Goat in the Lion's Den. 
129. The Donkey, the Cat and the Lion's Head. 
130. Clever Molly May. 
131. Dancing to Anansi's Fiddle. 
132. Anansi claims the dinner. 
133. Anansi seeks his Fortune. 
134. The Pannier-jar. 
135. Anansi kills his Grandmother. 
136. White Belly and Anansi. 
137. Monkey hunts Anansi. 
138. Anansi and the Pig coming from Market. 

139. The Fifer.  
140. In Come Murray.  
141. Tacoomah makes a Dance. 
142. Anansi makes a Dance. 
143. Red Yam. 
144. Guzzah Man.  
145. Fowl and Pretty Poll.  
146. The Cumbolo. 
147. John-crow and Fowl at Court.
148. Wooden Ping-ping and Cock.
149. Animal Talk. 

Old-time Fools. 
Duppy Stories. 
Animal Jests.