Tremearne. Fifty Hausa Folktales

Today's free book is Fifty Hausa Folktales by A. J. N. Tremearne (1910 and 1911). For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust (I have not checked for other online sources).

Folklore. v.21 1910.
1 The Spider, the Hippopotamus, and the Elephant
2 The Spider, the Hyena, and the Corn
3 The Malam, the Spider, and the Hyena
4 How the Spider outwitted the Snake
5 The Snake and the Dove Outwit the Spider
6 The Spider Has a Feast
7 How the Spider Obtained a Feast
8 The Spider Outwitted by the Tortoise
9 The Spider and the Rubber Baby
10 The Jackal's Revenge on the Spider
11 The Lion, the Spider, and the Hyena
12 The Cunning Spider and his Bride
13 How Spiders Were Reproduced
14 How the Woman Taught the Spider Cunning
15 The Hyena, the Scorpion and the Ram
16 The Ungrateful Hyena
17 The Girl who Prevented the Beasts from Drinking
18 The Cunning He-Goat, the Hyena, and the Lion
19 The Hyena and the Wrestling Match
20 Why Dogs and Hares Do Not Agree
21 The Dog, the Salt, the Cake, and the Hyena
22 The Hyena and the Bitch
23 The Cunning Goat and the Hyenas
24 The Old Woman, the Hyena, and the Monkey
25 Why the Hyena and the Donkey Do Not Agree
26 The Lambs, the Hyena, the Jackal, and the Jerboa
27 Why the Hyena and the Jerboa Cannot Agree
28 Why the Donkey Lives in the Town
29 The Jackal and the Dog at the Marriage Feast
30 The Contest of Wits between the Dog and the Jackal
Folklore. v.22 1911.
31 The City of Women
32 The Boy who Refused to Walk
33 How the Goat and the Dog Frightened the Hyena
34 The Beginning of Enmity between Mouse and Man
35 The Waterfowl Borrows the Dove's Beak
36 The Search for a Bride
37 The Origin of the Crow
38 The Woman and her Strange Suitors
39 The Ungrateful Boy and the Dove
40 The Most Cunning of All the Birds
41 The Wild Cat and the Cock
42 The Girl, the Snake, and the Pigeon
43 The Tender-Hearted Girl and the Fish
44 The Girl who Stole the Snake's Egg
45 The Girl who Married a Snake
46 How the Hunter was Hunted
47 The Man who Married a Gazelle
48 The Elephant's Daughter
49 The Wonderful Horse
50 The Lucky Youngest Son

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