Consiglieri. Portuguese Folktales

Today's free book is Portuguese Folktales by Pedroso Consiglieri translated by Henriqueta Monteiro. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books. There is also a nice presentation at Sur La Lune. The links below are to the Sur La Lune version.

Introduction by W. R. S. Ralston, MA.
1: The Vain Queen
2: The Maid and the Negress
3: The Three Citrons of Love
4: The Daughter of the Witch
5: May you vanish like the Wind
6: Pedro and the Prince
7: The Rabbit
8: The Spell-bound Giant
9: The Enchanted Maiden
10: The Maiden and the Beast
11: The Tower of Ill Luck
12: The Step-Mother
13: Saint Peter's Goddaughter
14: The Two Children and the Witch
15: The Maiden with the Rose on her Forehead
16: The Princess who would not marry her Father
17: The Baker's Idle Son
18: The Hearth-Cat
19: The Aunts
20: The Cabbage Stalk
21: The Seven Iron Slippers
22: The Maiden from whose Head Pearls fell on combing herself
23:The Three Princes and the Maiden
24: The Maiden and the Fish
25: The Slices of Fish
26: The Prince who had the head of a Horse
27: The Spider
28: The Little Tick
29: The Three Little Blue Stones
30: The Hind of the Golden Apple

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