Kline. Homer's Odyssey

Today's free book is Homer: The Odyssey, translated by Tony Kline. You can find out more about this book in the Homer's Odyssey unit of the Myth-Folklore UnTextbook.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

Tony Kline, the translator, has generously made his work available to read for free online: Homer: The Odyssey.

Book I: Athene visits Telemachus
Book II: Debate in Ithaca
Book III: Telemachus in Pylos
Book IV: Telemachus in Lacedaemon
Book V: Odysseus and Calypso
Book VI: Odysseus and Nausicaa
Book VII: Odysseus meets Alcinous
Book VIII: The Games in Phaeacia
Book IX: Polyphemus the Cyclops
Book X: Odysseus and Circe
Book XI: Odysseus in the Underworld
Book XII : Scylla and Charybdis
Book XIII: Odysseus in Ithaca
Book XIV: Odysseus and Eumaeus
Book XV: Telemachus Returns
Book XVI: Odysseus and Telemachus
Book XVII: Odysseus in the palace
Book XVIII: Irus the beggar
Book XIX: Odysseus and Eurycleia
Book XX: Preparations for revenge
Book XXI: The archery contest
Book XXII: The fight in the palace
Book XXIII: Odysseus and Penelope
Book XXIV : Athene makes peace

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