Kline. Dante's Divine Comedy

Today's free book is Dante: The Divine Comedy, translated by Tony Kline. You can find out more about this book in the Dante's Inferno unit of the Myth-Folklore UnTextbook.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

Tony Kline, the translator, has generously made his work available to read for free online: Dante: The Divine Comedy.

Cantos I-VII (Virgil, Circles I-IV, Paolo & Francesca, Ciacco)
Cantos VIII-XIV (Circles V-VII, Farinata, Pier delle Vigne, Capaneus)
Cantos XV-XXI (Brunetto Latini, Geryon, Circle VIII, Manto)
Cantos XXII-XXVIII (Vanni Fucci, Ulysses, G. Da Montefeltro, B. De Born)
Cantos XXIX-XXXIV (Griffolino, The Giants, Circle IX, Ugolino, Satan)

Cantos I-VII (Casella, Manfred, La Pia, Buonconte, Sordello )
Cantos VIII-XIV (The Gate, Nino, Oderisi, Salvani, Sapia, G. Del Duca)
Cantos XV-XXI (Free Will, Nature of Love, Adrian, Hugh Capet,Statius)
Cantos XXII-XXVIII (Forese, Bonagiunta, Souls, Guinicelli, Arnaut, Matilda)
Cantos XXIX-XXXIII (The Divine Pageant, Beatrice, Lethe, Eunoƫ)

Cantos I-VII (The Moon, Piccarda, Mercury, Justinian, Romeo)
Cantos VIII-XIV (Venus, Cunizza, Folco, The Sun, Thomas Aquinas, Bonaventura, Dominic, Francis, Solomon, Mars)
Cantos XV-XXI (Cacciaguida, Florence, Jupiter, The Eagle, Saturn, Peter Damian )
Cantos XXII-XXVIII (Benedict, Gabriel, Peter, Paul, James, John, Angels)
Cantos XXIX-XXXIII (The Empyrean, The River, The Rose, Bernard, The Virgin, The Final Vision)

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