Fielde. Chinese Fairy Tales

Today's free book is Chinese Fairy Tales: Forty Stories Told by Almond-Eyed Folk by Adele Marion Fielde. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust and Google Books.

The Strayed Arrow
The Five Queer Brothers
The Three Talismans
The Origin of Ants
The Mistake of the Apes
The Moon-Cake
The Fool of the Family
A Fool Who Tried to Be Like his Brother-in-Law
A Dreadful Boar
The Two Melons

The Fairy Serpent
What the Birds Said
The Man in a Shell
The Young Head of the Family
Prospect and Retrospect
A Foreordained Match
Marrying a Simpleton
Baling with a Sieve
The Widow and the Magistrate
A Lawyer as Debtor

The Singing Prisoner
The Ladle that Fell from the Moon
A Wife's Vengeance
Stolen Garlic
Two Frugal Men
The Most Frugal of Men
Misapplied Wit
Similar Diseases
A Dream Inspired

A Fortuitous Application
Jean Valjean in Cathay
A Polite Idiosyncrasy
Verified Predictions
The Three Sworn Brothers
The Peasant-Girl's Prisoner
Crabs in Plenty
False Economy
The Thriftless Wife
A Wife with Two Husbands

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