Youngs. Beastly Journeys

Today's free book is Beastly Journeys: Travel and Transformation at the fin de siècle by Tim Youngs (2013). For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book from Liverpool University Press is available to read online at the JSTOR Open Access project.

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION: The Unchaining of the Beast (pp. 1-38)
CHAPTER ONE City Creatures (pp. 39-73)
CHAPTER TWO The Bat and the Beetle (pp. 74-106)
CHAPTER THREE Morlocks, Martians, and Beast-People (pp. 107-139)
CHAPTER FOUR ‘Beast and man so mixty’: The Fairy Tales of George MacDonald (pp. 140-164)
CHAPTER FIVE Oscar Wilde: ‘an unclean beast’ (pp. 165-196)

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