Boyajian. Armenian Legends

Today's free book is Armenian Legends and Poems by Zabelle C. Boyajian (1916). For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available to read online at Sacred Texts (I have not checked other online sources).

(Founding of Van)

Table of Contents

Armenia's Love To Shakespeare
A Trial of Orthodoxy
The Exile's Song
The Apple Tree
My Heart is Turned Into a Wailing Child
O Night, Be Long
Black Eyes
Yesternight I Walked Abroad
Vahagn, King of Armenia
Huntsman, That on the Hills Above
I Beheld My Love This Morning
The Fox, the Wolf, and the Bear
The Little Lake
Cradle Song
Ara and Semiramis
Lament Over the Heroes Fallen in the Battle of Avarair
The Song of the Stork
Ye Mountain Bluebells
The Sun Went Down
Birthday Song
The Founding of Van
I Have a Word I Fain Would Say
The Song of the Partridge
The Lily of Shavarshan
Cradle Song
The Wind is Howling Through the Winter Night
The Armenian Poet's Prayer
The Chragan Palace
The Dream
The Sorrows of Armenia
Artashes and Satenik
My Death
The Eagle's Love
Concerning the Rose and the Nightingale
The Arrival of the Crusaders
Like an Ocean is This World
The Rock
The Crane
The Hawk and the Dove
Charm Verses
The Tears of Araxes
The Eve of Ascension Day
''Thy Voice is Sweet''
Christ and Abgarus
Araxes Came Devouringly
The Parrot's Song
Earth and Sky
O’er the Mountains High He Went
A Day After
Without Thee What Are Song and Dance to Me?
The Lake of Van
The Fox
The Tale of Rosiphelee
The Song of the Vulture
Dance Song
No Bird Can Reach the Mountain's Crest
The Nightingale of Avarair
Thou Art So Sweet
The Wandering Armenian to the Swallow
The Christ-Child
The Castle of Anoush
Concerning Death
Love One Another
Pasqua Armena
''Io Vidi''
Armenia: Its Epics, Folk-Songs, and Mediaeval Poetry
Armenian Paganism
Armenian Epics
Moses of Khorene
Adoption of Christianity
Golden Age of Armenian Literature
Middle Ages
Bagratuni Dynasty
The Crusades
Silver Age of Armenian Literature
End of Armenian Kingdom
Eighteenth Century and onward
Characteristics of Armenian Poetry
Russian Era

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