Arnold. Pearls of the faith

Today's free book is Pearls of the faith; or, Islam's rosary; being the ninety-nine beautiful names of Allah by Edwin Arnold (1883). For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available to read online at Hathi Trust (I have not checked other online sources).

Table of Contents

The Merciful: The Sinful Angels
The Compassionate: Solomon and the Ant
The King of Kings: The Sultan and the Potter
The Holy One: God's Name in Heaven
The Peace: The Peace of Paradise
The Faithful: The Verity of Sayid
The Help in Peril: The Spider and the Dove
The Mighty: The Throne Verse
The All-Compelling: Sura 59
The Majestic: Azar and Abraham
The Creator: Signs of the Lord
The Artificer: Angels' Wings
The Fashioner: The Making of Man
The Forgiver: Abraham's Offence
The Dominant: Sura Of the Cattle
The Bestower: Ali and the Angels
The Provider: Sura Of the Forenoon
The Opener: Muhammad's Journey to Heaven
The All-Knower: The Moakkibat
The Closer: Evil Deeds
The Uncloser: Good Deeds
The Abaser: Nimrud and the Gnat
The Exalter: Allah's Prophets
The Honourer: Sura Of Imran's Family
The Leader Astray: God's Will and Free-will
The All-Hearing: A Shepherd's Prayer
The All-Seeing: Azrael and the Indian Prince
The Judge of All: The Last Day
The Equitable: Sura Of Jonas
The Gracious One: Sura Of Counsel
He who is Aware : Muhammad in the Cemetery
The Clement: The Dharra and the Date-stone
The Strong: Sura Of Al-Akhaf
The Pardoner: Hassan's Slave
The Thankful: Sura Of Al-Kauthar
The Exalted: Sura Of the Bee
The Very Great: The Seven Heavens
The Preserver: Sura Of the Night Star
The Maintainer: Sura Of the Inevitable
The Reckoner: Sura Of Women
The Beneficent: The Rose-Garden
The Bountiful: Sura Of Cleaving Asunder
The Watchful: The Books of Good and Evil
The Hearer of Prayer: Ali and the Jew
The All-Comprehending: Turning to Mecca
The Judge of Judges: The Angels of the Scales
The Loving: Tasmin and Salsabil
The All-Glorious: Sura Of the Cow
The Raiser from Death: Iblis and Abraham
The Witness: Poets and Prophets
The Truth: The Sin of Sins
The Guardian: Sura  Of the Cow
The Almighty: The Fly and the False Gods
The Firm: The Tent-Pole
The Nearest Friend: Abraham's Bread
The All-Praiseworthy: The Garden and the Rock
The Accountant: Sura Of the Earthquake
The Beginner: The Light of Life
The Restorer: A Message from the Dead
The Quickener: Sura  Of the Signs
The Slayer: The Angel of Death
The Ever-Living: The Life Beyond
The Self-Subsisting: The Trumpet
The All-Perceiving: Sura Of Daybreak
The One: Al-I'hlas
The Eternal: Ozair the Jew
Providence: Kismat
The All-Powerful: Sura Of the Moon
The Forewarner
The Fulfiller: Sura of K.
The First
The Last 
The Manifest
The Hidden: The Mothers of the Names
The All-Governing: Solomon's Signet
The One above Reproach: Moses and the Angel
The Good: The Adulteress
The Relenting: Adam quitting Eden
The Avenger
The Rewarder: Hell and Heaven
The Ever-Indulgent: Sura Of the Star
King of the Kingdom: Sura of the Emigration
Lord of Splendid Power: Sura of the Merciful
The Equitable: The Last Sermon of the Prophet
The Gatherer: Sura of Women
The All-Sufficing: Sura of Troops
The Sufficer: Sura of the Afternoon
The Provider
The Withholder: The Two Gateawys
The Propitious: The Dove
The Harmful: King Sheddad's Paradise
The Light: Sura of Light
The Guide: The Four Travellers
Eternal in the Past
Eternal in the Future: Sura of Ya Sin
The Inheritor: The Rose and the Dewdrop
The Unerring: The Prophet's Oath
The Patient: Islam

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