Mincieli. Tales, merry and wise (Italian)

Today's free book is Tales, merry and wise by Rose Laura Mincieli (1958) with illustrations by Kurt Werth. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust (I have not checked for other online sources).

Table of Contents

Errato di Barletto
The Songstress and the Fairies
The Pot of Gold
The Wonderful Night
The Cavallino
Mece and His Merry Pranks
A Message for a Donkey
The Queen and the Golden Egg
The Merchant, Saint Michael, and the Devil
The Dog, the Cat, and the Mouse
The Inquiring Rabbit, or The Strongest Thing in the World
The Shepherd's Pipe
The Farmer and the Harvesters
The C \oat That Taught the Housewife
The Three Brothers
Dancing He Would Go
The Beacon Light
The Capricious Month
Written in the Stars
The Three Sisters and the Old Witch
Saint Crispin and the Old One

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