Clarke. Story of Ulysses

Today's free book is Story of Ulysses by M. Clarke (1900). For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust (I have not checked for other online sources).

Table of Contents

1. Troy
2. Judgment of Paris
3. Abduction of Helen
4. The Trojan War
5. The Odyssey
6. The Gods

Story of Ulysses
1. Feigning Madness
2. The Wooden Horse
3. Among the Ciconians
4. The Lotus Eaters
5. The Land of the Cyclops
6. In the Cyclops' Cave
7. Polyphemus punished
8. The King of the Winds
9. Among the Laestrygonians
10. In Circe's Isle
11. In the Regions of the Dead
12. Dread Sights in Pluto's Realm
13. Circe's Prophecy and Warning
14. The Sirens
15. Scylla and Charybdis
16. The Oxen of the Sun
17. In Calypso's Island
18. Minerva visits Telemachus
19. Penelope's Web
20. Telemachus goes on a Voyage
21. Telemachus visits King Nestor
22. In the Palace of Menelaus
23. The Old Man of the Sea
24. The Dream of Penelope
25. A Voyage on a Raft
26. Cast Ashore in Phaeacia
27. The Palace of Alcinous 1
28. Honored by the Phaeacians
29. Ithaca at Last
30. Disguised as a Beggar
31. EuM/Sus, the Swineherd
32. Telemachus returns to Ithaca
33. Telemachus meets his Father
34. The Insolent Goatherd
35. The Faithful Dog Argus
36. The Beggar Irus
37. Discovered by the Scar
38. The Vision of Penelope
39. The Warning of Theoclymenus
40. The Contest of the Bow
41. The Destruction of the Suitors
42. Penelope Happy
43. A League of Peace

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