Hofberg. Swedish fairy tales

Today's free book is Swedish fairy tales by Herman Hofberg and translated by W. H. Myers (1890). For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image. The illustrations are by "Swedish artists."

The book is available at Hathi Trust (I have not checked for other online sources).

Table of Contents

Ljungby Horn and Pipe
Stompe Pilt
The Ghost at Fjelkinge
The Giant Finn and Lund's Cathedral
The Lord of Rosendal
The Master of Ugerup
The Sure Shot
The Knight of Ellenholm
The Swan Maiden
Dame Soasan
Ebbe Skamelson
Johan and the Trolls
Katrineholm Manor
Kettil Runske
The Giant Puke
The Lost Treasure
The Trolls of Skurugata
The Byse
The Sea Nymph
The Ten Fairy Servants
The Bridge Over Kalmarsound
Elstorp Woods
The Freebooter's Grav
The Pigmy of Folkaked's Cliff
The Young Lady of Hellerup
Gloshed's Altar
King Rane and Queen Hudta
The Bridal Present
The Child Phantom
The Giant Maiden in Boraserod Mountain
The Golden Cradle
Bishop Svedberg and the Devil
The Countess of Hojentorp
The Giant of Skalunda
The Knights of Allaberg
The Treasure in Saby Creek
The Trolls in Resslared
Lady Barbro of Brokind
The Cat of Norrhult
The Tomts
The Troll Shoes
The Urko of North Wij
Buried Alive
The Mountain Kitchen
The Wood and Sea Nymphs
Jonas Spits
Lady Rangela of Edsholm 
Saxe of Saxeholm,
The Harvesters
The Polite Coal Burner 
Kate of Ysattek, 
Rugga Bridge 
The Elves' Dance
The Fiddler and the Sea Nymph 
The Ulfgryt Stones
Bolstre Castle 
The Coal Burner and the Troll 
The Snipe 
Tibble Castle and Klinta Spring
Lake Goldring 
The Changelings 
The Lady of Pintorp in the Troll Garden at Stallsbacke
Herr Melker of Veckholm 
The Old Man of Logga
The Lapp in Magpie Form
The Plague an the Treasure Seekers
The Water Nymph
The Vatters
Forssa Church
Starkad and Bale
The Bell in Sjalevad
The Vatt's Storehouse 
The Stone in Gkonan Dal
The Voyage in a Lapp Sled
The Cunning Lapp
The Giant's Bride
The Lapp Genesis or the First of Mankind

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