Anon. Aberdeen Bestiary

Today's free book is the Aberdeen Bestiary. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image; you will find images of the manuscript, with its gorgeous artwork, plus an English translation of the Latin text, and commentary too.

What is a Bestiary

Translation and Transcription

Lion: Translation
Tiger: Translation
Pard: Translation
Panther: Translation
Elephant: Translation
Beaver; IbexTranslation
Hyena: Translation
Bonnacon: Translation
Apes: Translation
Sayrs; Deer: Translation
Goat: Translation
Unicorn; Bear: Translation
Leucrota: Translation
Fox: Translation
Yale: Wolf: Translation
Dog: Translation
Sheep: Translation
He-Goat: Translation
Boar; BullockTranslation
Horse: Translation
Cat; Mice; Weasel: Translation
Mole; HedgehogTranslation
Eagle; HawkTranslation
Turtle-Dove: Translation
Palm Tree: Translation
Cedar: Translation
Pelican: Translation
Hoopoe: Translation
Magpie: Translation
Raven: Translation
Rooster: Translation
Ostrich: Translation
Vulture: Translation
Crane: Translation
Kite; Parrot: Translation
Ibis: Translation 
Stork: Translation
Blackbird: Translation
Owl: Translation
Hoopoe: Translation
Nightowl; Bat: Translation
Jay: Translation
Nightingale: Translation
Goose: Translation
Heron: Translation
Partridge: Translation
Halcyon: Translation
Coot; Phoenix: Translation
Caladrius: Translation
Quail: Translation
Crow: Translation
Swan: Translation
Eagle: Translation
Bee: Translation 
Perindens: Translation
Snake; DragonTranslation
Basilisk: Translation
Viper: Translation
Asp: Translation
Scitalis; Amphivena; Hydrus: Translation
Boa; Iaculus: Translation
Siren; Seps; Dipsa; Lizard; Salamander: Translation
Saura: Translation
Newt: Translation
Worm: Translation
Fish: Translation
Whale; Flying Fish; Dolphin: Translation
Sea-Pig; Crocodile:  Translation
Tree: Translation
Fig Tree: Translation
Man: Translation
Fire-Stones: Translation
Adamas: Translation
Mermecoleon: Translation
Jasper; Sapphire; ChalcedonTranslation
Emerald: Translation
Sardonyx; Sard: Translation
Chrysolite; Beryl: Translation
Topaz: Translation
Chrysoprase; HyacinthTranslation

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