Shumway. The Nibelungenlied

Today's free book is The Nibelungenlied translated by Daniel B. Shumway. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Sacred Texts, Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books. You can get a free Kindle ebook from Amazon too!

Introductory Sketch
Adventure I
Adventure II: Of Siegfried.
Adventure III: How Siegfried Came to Worms.
Adventure IV: How He Fought with the Saxons.
Adventure V: How Siegfried First Saw Kriemhild.
Adventure VI: How Gunther Fared To Isenland for Brunhild.
Adventure VII: How Gunther Won Brunhild.
Adventure VIII: How Siegfried Fared To His Men-At-Arms, the Nibelungs.
Adventure IX: How Siegfried Was Sent To Worms.
Adventure X: How Brunhild Was Received At Worms.
Adventure XI: How Siegfried Journeyed Homeward With His Wife.
Adventure XII: How Gunther Bade Siegfried To The Feasting.
Adventure XIII: How They Journeyed To The Feasting.
Adventure XIV: How The Queens Reviled Each Other.
Adventure XV: How Siegfried Was Betrayed.
Adventure XVI: How Siegfried Was Slain.
Adventure XVII: How Kriemhild Mourned Her Husband And How He Was Buried.
Adventure XVIII: How Siegmund Journeyed Home Again.
Adventure XIX: How The Nibelung Hoard Was Brought to Worms.
Adventure XX: How King Etzel Sent To Burgundy For Kriemhild.
Adventure XXI: How Kriemhild Journeyed To The Huns.
Adventure XXII: How Etzel Made Kriemhild His Bride.
Adventure XXIII: How Kriemhild Thought To Avenge Her Wrongs.
Adventure XXIV: How Werbel And Swemmel Brought The Message.
Adventure XXV: How The Lords All Journeyed To The Huns.
Adventure XXVI: How Gelfrat Was Slain By Dankwart.
Adventure XXVII: How They Came To Bechelaren.
Adventure XXVIII: How The Burgundians Came To Etzel's Castle.
Adventure XXIX: How Hagen Would Not Rise For Kriemhild.
Adventure XXX: How They Kept The Watch.
Adventure XXXI: How They Went To Church.
Adventure XXXII: How Bloedel Was Slain.
Adventure XXXIII: How The Burgundians Fought The Huns.
Adventure XXXIV: How They Cast Out The Dead.
Adventure XXXV: How Iring Was Slain.
Adventure XXXVI: How The Queen Gave Orders To Burn the Hall.
Adventure XXXVII: How Margrave Rudeger Was Slain.
Adventure XXXVIII: How All Sir Dietrich's Warriors Were Slain.
Adventure XXXIX: How Gunther And Hagen And Kriemhild Were Slain.

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