Rhys. The English Fairy Book

Today's free book is The English Fairy Book by Ernest Rhys with illustrations by Frederic C. Witney. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Hathi Trust.

Robin Goodfellow
St. George and the Dragon
Tom Hickathrift
The Fairy Nursling
The “Fary” Ointment
A Fairy Philtre
The Tulip Bed
The Black Rider
The Princess of Canterbury
The Princess of Colchester
Jack the Giant-Killer
The Fairy Horn
Edrio the Wild
The Lambton Worm
The Old Man and the Mermaid
The Laidley Worm of Spindleston
The Fairy Farmers
The Fairy Hunt
Mr. Fox
The Fairy Funeral
Tom Tit Tot
The Fairy Horse Dealer
The Lost Child
The Black Bull of Norroway
The Fairy Treasure
Dick Whittington
Dicky Dick’s Master
The Fairy Tools
Mr. Vinegar
The Elfin Cricketer
The Escaped Mermaid
Cherry of Zennor
The Lady Mole
The Mermaid’s Revenge
Little Red Riding-Hood
The Giant Loses His Wife
Jack and the Beanstalk
The Spriggan’s Child
The Witch that was a Hare
Will 0’ the Wisp
The Feast
Lazy Jack
Tom Thumb
Old Fortune
The Pixy Thresher
The Black Doll
The Fairies’ Dance
Farewell, you Elves and Fairies

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