Macpherson. The Poems of Ossian

Today's free book is The Poems of Ossian by James Macpherson. Be sure to look at the Wikipedia articles on James Macpherson and his Ossianic poems. The poems are a creative fiction inspired by Scottish traditions, and, because Macpherson presented them as his translations of ancient texts, they are also one of the most notorious literary forgeries of all time.

There are many editions of these poems due to their incredible popularity all over Europe; take a look at the many results at Internet Archive and Hathi Trust. The reprint of the 1773 edition at Sacred Texts is definitely the best place to start, and then you can explore further if you are intrigued by this wild episode in the history of Celtic literature; the table of contents below is linked to the Sacred Texts edition.

A Preliminary Discourse
A Dissertation Concerning the Era of Ossian
Dissertation Concerning the Poems of Ossian
A Critical Dissertation on the Poems of Ossian by Hugh Blair
Funeral Song by Regner Lodbrog, translated by Olaus Wormius


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