Jacobs. Barlaam and Josaphat: English Lives of Buddha

Today's free book is Barlaam and Josaphat: English Lives of Buddha by Joseph Jacobs. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive and Hathi Trust.

1. The Greek Barlaam
2. The Oriental Versions
3. Barlaam in India
4. Parables of Barlaam
5. Barlaam in Europe

Appendix 1. Abstract of Legend

Appendix 2. Parables in Early Versions of the Legend:
Anger and Passion
The Trumpet of Death and the Four Caskets
Bird and Fisherman
The Sower
The Man in the Well
The Three Friends
The King of the Year
Dogs and Carrion
The Cannibal King
The Sun of Wisdom
The King and Shepherd
The Bird and the Prophet
The Heathen King and the Believing Vizier
The Swimmer
The Rich Young Man and the Beggar's Daughter
Education by Love
Man and Bird
The Tyrannical King
Desert and Garden
Language of Animals
The Robbers' Nemesis
The Tame Gazelle
The Greedy Dog
The Two Halves of a King's Life
King, Man, and Skull
The Prince who left his Father's House
The Man among the Ghouls
The Amorous Wife
The Youth who Had Never Seen a Woman
Peacock and Raven

I. The Lyf of Saynt Balaam

II. Life of Prince Jehosaphat
1. King Avenerio's Persecution over the Christian Faith; he prayeth to his Idols that his Queen might bear a Child.
2. The Queen proving with Child, he rewarded his Idol Priests, and sent for the Wise Men.
3. The Queen being delivered of Jehosaphat, the Wise Men tell the Signification of the Child's Planet.
4. King Avenerio's contrivance to have his son brought up in the Heathen Way, which prevailed not.
5. Prince Jehosaphat's Conversion to the Christian Faith and Doctrine
6. King Avenerio's Malice against his Son Jehosaphat for being a Christian
7. The conversion of King Avenerio, which caused the gospel of Christ to be publicly manifested throughout the whole land

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