Hall. Icelandic Fairy Tales

Today's free book is Icelandic Fairy Tales edited by Mrs. Angus W. Hall with  illustrations by E. A. Mason. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

The Legend of the King's Three Sons

I How Thorstein Lost His Kingdom
II His Arrival at the Giant's Castle
III The Mystery of the Locked Room
IV How Thorstein's Kind Actions Received Their Reward

I Sigurd Finds a Friend in His Stepmother
II He Wrestles With the Giant Sisters
III His Meeting With Helga
IV His Escape on the Wonderful Horse Gullfaxi

Lineik and Laufey

The Five Brothers

Hermod and Hadvor


I Hans Starts on His Travels
II His Wonderful Adventures and How He Returned Good for Evil

The Giantess and the Granite Boat

I The Strange Adventures of Geir
II How Greybeard Outwitted the King and Won Princess Sigrid

Litill, Tritill, The Birds and The Peasant Lad

Laughing Ingibjorg
I Thorwald and Ingibjorg Are Cruelly Treated by Their Stepmother Who Tries to Get Rid of Them
II How Thorwald and Ingibjorg Found Themselves at the Witch's Island and What They Did
III Their Further Adventures and Escape
IV The King's Return and Queen Guda's Release From the Witch's Thrall

The Three Peasant Maidens
I How Queen Hertha Fell From Her High Estate
II What Had Befallen the Two Little Princes and Their Sister
III Olga's Courage Rescues Her Brothers, Queen Hertha Is Restored to Her Husband, and the Parents Recover Their Children

The Fair and the Dark Isolde
 I Death of the Queen. The King Remarries and Proceeds on a Tour Through His Kingdom
II What Befalls Fair Isolde After Her Father Has Gone
III Fair Isolde Escapes and Disguises Herself
IV Fertram Falls Under a Spell and Is Betrothed to Dark Isolde
V The Spell Is Broken and the Wicked Queen's Designs Are Frustrated

Prince Hlini

Fertram and Hildur

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