Dunn. Tain Bo Cualnge

Today's free book is The Ancient Irish Epic Tale: Táin Bó Cúalnge by Joseph Dunn. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Sacred Texts, Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, and Hathi Trust. You can get a free Kindle ebook from Amazon too!

1. Here Beginneth The Cualnge Cattle-raid 
2. The Occaision of the Táin 
3. The Rising-Out of the Men of Connacht at Cruachan Ai 
4. The Foretelling 
5. This is the Route of the Táin 
6. The March Of The Host 
7. The Youthful Exploits Of Cuchulain 
7a. The Slaying Of The Smith's Hound By Cuchulain, And The Reason He Is Called Cuchulain 
7b. (The Taking Of Arms By Cuchulain And) The Slaying Of The Three Sons Of Necht Scenè Is Now Told Here 
8. The Slaying Of Orlam 
8a. The Slaying Of The Three Macarach 
8b. The Combat Of Lethan And Cuchulain
8c. The Killing of The Squirrel And of The Tame Bird 
8d. The Slaying Of Lochè 
8e. The Killing Of Uala 
8f. The Harrying Of Cualnge Followeth Here Below 
9. The Proposals 
10. The Violent Death Of Etarcumul
11. The Slaying Of Nathcrantail 
12. The Finding of The Bull 
12a. The Death Of Forgemen 
12b. Here Is Narrated The Slaying of Redg The Satirist
12c. Here Is Told The Meeting of Cuchulain And Finnabair
12d. Here The Combat of Munremar and Curoi 
12e. The Slaughter of The Boy-Troop 
12f. The Slaughter of The King's Bodyguard 
13. The Combat Of Cûr With Cuchulain 
14. The Slaying Of Ferbaeth ('The Witless')
14a. The Combat Of Larinè MacNois 
15. The Slaying of Loch Son of Mofemis 
16. The Violation of the Agreement 
16a. The Healing Of The Morrigan 
17. The Great Rout on The Plain of Murthemne 
17a. The Slaughter of The Youths of Ulster 
17b. The Scythed Chariot 
17c. The Account Of The Appearance Of Cuchulain 
17d. Dubthach's Jealousy
18. The Slaying Of Oengus Son Of Oenlam 
18a. The Misthrow At Belach Eoin.
18b. The Disguising Of Tamon
19. The Battle Of Fergus And Cuchulain 
19a. Here Now Cometh The Head-Place Of Ferchu 
19b. Mann's Fight
19c. The Combat of Calatin's Children 
20. The Combat of Ferdiad and Cuchulain 
21. Cuchulain and the Rivers
22. Cethern's Strait Fight 
22a. Cethern's Bloody Wounds 
23. Here Followeth the Tooth-Fight of Fintan
23a. The Red-Shame of Menn Followeth Here 
23b. Here Followeth the Accoutrement of the Charioteers 
23c. The White-Fight of Rochad Now Followeth 
23d. Here Followeth Iliach's Clump-Fight
23e. Here Now The Deer-Stalking of Amargin in Taltiu 
24. The Repeated Warning of Sualtaim 
24a. The Order of the Men of Ulster 
24b. The Agitation of Celtchar 
25. Here Followeth The Array of The Host
26. The Decision of the Battle 
27. Now of The Battle of Garech 
27a. Here Followeth The Muster of The Men of Erin 
28. The Battle of The Bulls 
29. The Account of The Brown Bull of Cualnge 

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