Coster-Atkinson. The Legend of Ulenspiegel

Today's free book is The Legend of Ulenspiegel And Lamme Goedzak, and their Adventures Heroical, Joyous and Glorious in the Land of Flanders and Elsewhere by Charles de Coster, translated by F. M. Atkinson. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Project Gutenberg: Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, Internet Archive: Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, and Hathi Trust.

Volume 1 contains Book 1 (1-85) and Book 2 (1-20)
Volume 2 contains Book 3 (1-44), Book 4 (1-22), and Book 5 (1-10)

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