Campbell. Popular Tales of the West Highlands

Today's free book is Popular Tales of the West Highlands: Volumes I-IV by J. F. Campbell. For the table of contents of all four volumes, check at the bottom of this post below the image. The book is available online at these sites:

Sacred Texts: Vol. I - Vol. II - Vol. III - Vol. IV
Internet Archive: Vol. I - Vol. II - Vol. III - Vol. IV
Hathi Trust: Vol. I - Vol. II - Vol. III - Vol. IV
Google Books: Vol. I - Vol. II - Vol. III - Vol. IV



XXIX. The Fine
XXX. The Two Shepherds
XXXI. Osean After the Feen
XXXII. The Barra Widow's Son
XXXIII. The Tale of the Queen Who Sought a Drink From a Certain Well
XXXIV. The Origin of Loch Ness
XXXV. Conall
XXXVI. Maghach Colgar
XXXVII. The Brollachan
XXXVIII. Murachadh Mac Brian
XXXIX. The Three Widows
XL. The Son of the Scottish Yeoman who Stole the Bishop's Horse and Daughter, and the Bishop Himself
XLI. The Widow and her Daughters
XLII. The Tale of the Soldier
XLIII. The Sharp Grey Sheep
XLIV. The Widow's Son
XLV. Mac-a-Rusgaich
XLVI. MacIain Direach
XLVII. Fearachur Leigh
XLVIII. The Tale of Sgire Mo Chealag
XLIX. The Cat and the Mouse
L. The Three Questions
LI. The Fair Gruagach, Son of the King of Eirinn
LII. The Knight of the Red Shield
LVII. The Tail


LVII. The Rider Of Grianaig, And Iain The Soldier's Son.
LIX. Fionn's Questions.
LX. Diarmaid And Grainne

I. Ossian.

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