Busk. Roman Legends: Fables and Folklore

Today's free book is Roman Legends: A Collection of the Fables and Folklore of Rome by R. H. Busk. This a beautiful book about Italian folklore, not ancient Rome.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

The Three Love-Oranges (I Tre Merangoli di Amore)
La Cenorientola
Giuseppe L’Ebreo
The King who goes out to Dinner
The Pot of Marjoram (Il Vaso di Persa)
The Pot of Rue (Il Vaso di Ruta)
King Otho
Maria Wood (Maria di Legno)
Second Version
Third Version
La Candeliera
The Two Hunchbacked Brothers
The Dark King (Il Rè Moro)
Monsu Mostro
The Enchanted Rose Tree
Twelve Feet of Nose (Dodici Palmi di Naso)
A Yard of Nose (Mezza Canna di Naso)
The Chicory-seller and the Enchanted Princess
The Transformation-Donkey
Signor Lattanzio
How Cajusse was Married

When Jesus Christ Wandered on Earth (Eight Tales)
Pietro Baillardo (Three Tales)
S. Giovanni Bocca D’oro (Three Tales)
Don Giovanni
The Penance of San Giuliano
The Pilgrims
Santa Verdana
San Sidoro
The Fishpond of St. Francis (La Pescheria di San Francesco)
St. Anthony (Five Tales)
St. Margaret of Cortona
St. Theodora
Nun Beatrice
Padre Filippo (Eleven Tales)
The Pardon of Asisi
Padre Vincenzo (Three Tales)
Padre Fontanarosa (Three Tales)
S. Giuseppe Labre (Three Tales)
The Twelve Words of Truth

The Dead Man in the Oak-Tree
The Dead Man’s Letter
The White Soul
The White Serpent
The Procession of Velletri
Smaller Ghost and Treasure Stories and Family and Local Traditions (Thirteen Tales)
Sciarra Colonna
Donna Olimpia
The Munificence of Prince Borghese
‘Pope Joan’ (La Papessa)
Giacinta Marescotti
Pasquino (Two Tales)
The Wooing of Cassandro
I Cocorni
The Beautiful Englishwoman
The Englishman
The Marriage of Signor Cajusse
The Daughter of Count Lattanzio
The Satyr
The Satyrs
The King of Portugal

The Two Friars
The Preface of a Franciscan
The Lenten Preacher
Ass or Pig
The Seven Clodhoppers
The Little Bird
The Devil who took to Himself a Wife
The Root
The Queen and the Tripe-seller
The Bad-tempered Queen (La Regina Cattiva)
The Simple Wife (La Sposa Cece) (Two Versions)
The Foolish Woman (La Donna Mattarella) (Two Versions)
The Booby (Il Tonto)
The Gluttonous Girl (La Ragazza Golosa)
The Greedy Daughter (La Figlia Ghiotta)
The Old Miser
The Miserly Old Woman
The Beggar and the Chick-Pea (Il Poverello Del Cece)
Doctor Grillo
The Good Grace of the Hunchback (La Buona Grazia Del Gobbo)
The Value of Salt
The Princess and the Gentleman
The Happy Couple (I Sposi Felici)
Una Camera di Locanda
The Countess’s Cat
Why Cats and Dogs always Quarrel
The Cats who Made their Master Rich

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