Basile. Stories from the Pentamerone

Today's free book is Stories from the Pentamerone (of Giambattista Basile), edited by E. F. Strange from John Edward Taylor's translation and illustrated by Warwick Goble. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at  Project Gutenberg and Hathi Trust. There is also a free audiobook at LibriVox.

1. How the Tales came to be told (text)
2. The Myrtle (text)
3. Peruonto (text)
4. Vardiello (text)
5. The Flea (text)
6. Cenerentola (text)
7. The Merchant (text)
8. Goat-Face (text)
9. The Enchanted Doe (text)
10. Parsley (text)
11. The Three Sisters (text)
12. Violet (text)
13. Pippo (text)
14. The Serpent (text)
15. The She-Bear (text)
16. The Dove (text)
17. Cannetella (text)
18. Corvetto (text)
19. The Booby (text)
20. The Stone in the Cock's Head (text)
21. The Three Enchanted Princes (text)
22. The Dragon (text)
23. The Two Cakes (text)
24. The Seven Doves (text)
25. The Raven (text)
26. The Months (text)
27. Pintosmalto (text)
28. The Golden Root (text)
29. Sun, Moon, and Talia (text)
30. Nennillo and Nennella (text)
31. The Three Citrons (text)
32. Conclusion (text)

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