Smart. The Fables of Phaedrus

Today's free book is The Fables of Phaedrus translated by Christopher Smart. You can find out more about this book in the Aesop's Fables (English) unit of the Myth-Folklore UnTextbook.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books. There is also a free audiobook at LibriVox. You can get a free Kindle ebook from Amazon too!

The Wolf and the Lamb    
The Frogs asking for a King        
The vain Jackdaw and the Peacock    
The Dog carrying some Meat across a River
The Cow, the She-Goat, the Sheep,  and the Lion    
The Frogs’ complaint against the Sun
The Fox and the Tragic Mask  
The Wolf and the Crane          
The Sparrow and the Hare
The Wolf, the Fox, and the Ape        
The Ass and the Lion hunting      
The Stag at the Stream            
The Fox and the Raven      
The Cobbler turned Physician  
The Ass and the Old Shepherd          
The Stag, the Sheep, and the Wolf  
The Sheep, the Dog, and the Wolf  
The Woman in Labour      
The Bitch and her Whelps    
The hungry Dogs                
The aged Lion, the Wild Boar, the Bull, and the Ass
The Man and the Weasel            
The Faithful Dog      
The Frog and the Ox
The Dog and the Crocodile
The Fox and the Stork    
The Dog, the Treasure, and the Vulture
The Fox and the Eagle  
The Ass deriding the Boar  
The Frogs frightened at the Battle of the Bulls
The Kite and the Pigeons    
The Lion, the Robber, and the Traveller
Two Women of different Ages beloved by the Middle-aged Man      
The Man and the Dog    
The Eagle, the Cat, and the Sow
Caesar to the Chamberlain          
The Eagle, the Crow, and the Tortoise
The Mules and Robbers            
The Stag and the Oxen    
The Old Woman and the Cask  
The Panther and Shepherd  
Esop and the Farmer    
The Butcher and the Ape        
Esop and the Insolent Man  
The Fly and the Mule  
The Dog and the Wolf
The Brother and Sister
Socrates to his Friends
The Poet on Believing and not Believing
The Eunuch to the Abusive Man
The Cock and the Pearl
The Bees and the Drones, the Wasp sitting as judge
Esop at play
The Dog to the Lamb
The Grasshopper and the Owl
The Trees under the Protection of the Gods
The Peacock to Juno
Esop’s Answer to the Inquisitive Man
The Ass and the Priests of Cybele
The Weasel and the Mice  
The Fox and the Grapes            
The Horse and the Wild Boar  
Esop interpreting a Will    
The Battle of the Mice and the Weasels
The Viper and the File  
The Fox and the Goat
Of the Vices of Men  
A Thief pillaging the Altar of Jupiter
Hercules and Plutus      
The Lion reigning  
The She-Goats and their Beards  
The Pilot and the Mariners      
The Embassy of the Dogs to Jupiter
The Man and the Snake  
The Fox and the Dragon
The Shipwreck of Simonides  
The Mountain in Labour    
The Ant and the Fly      
Simonides preserved by the Gods  
Demetrius and Menander    
The Travellers and the Robber    
The Bald Man and the Fly  
The Man and the Ass                
The Buffoon and Countryman    
The Two Bald Men    
Princeps the Flute Player
The Emblem of Opportunity  
The Bull and the Calf    
The Huntsman and the Dog        
The Ape and the Fox    
Mercury and the two Women
Prometheus and Cunning    
The signification of the Punishments of Tartarus    
Aesop and the Author
Pompeius Magnus and his Soldier
Juno, Venus, and the Hen        
The Father of a Family and Aesop  
The Philosopher and the Victor in the Gymnastic Games  
The Ass and the Lyre      
The Widow and the Soldier
The Rich Suitor and the Poor One
Aesop and his Mistress    
A Cock carried in a Litter by Cats    
The Sow bringing forth and the Wolf
The Runaway Slave and Aesop  
The Chariot Horse sold for the Mill
The Hungry Bear    
The Traveller and the Raven      
The Shepherd and the She-Goat
The Serpent and the Lizard    
The Crow and the Sheep      
The Servant and the Master          
The Hare and the Herdsman        
The Young Man and the Courtesan
The Beaver  
The Butterfly and the Wasp
The Ground-Swallow and the Fox
The Sick Kite    
The Hares tired of Life    
Jupiter and the Fox      
The Lion and the Mouse
The Man and the Trees    
The Mouse and the Frog  
The Two Cocks and the Hawk  
The Snail and the Ape          
The City Mouse and the Country Mouse
The Ass fawning upon his Master  
The Crane, the Crow, and the Countryman
The Birds and the Swallow  
The Partridge and the Fox
The Ass, the Ox, and the Birds  
The Lion and the Shepherd    
The Goat and the Bull  
The Horse and the Ass      
The Birds, the Beasts, and the Bat  
The Nightingale, the Hawk, and the Fowler
The Wolf, the Fox, and the Shepherd
The Sheep and the Wolves      
The Ape and the Fox      
The Wolf, the Huntsman, and the Shepherd
The Truthful Man, the Liar, and the Apes
The Man and the Lion
The Stork, the Goose, and the Hawk
The Sheep and the Crow
The Ant and the Grasshopper        
The Horse and the Ass    
The Old Lion and the Fox    
The Camel and the Flea      
The Kid and the Wolf              
The Poor Man and the Serpent
The Eagle and the Kite        

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