Shelton. Tibetan Folk Tales

Today's free book is Tibetan Folk Tales by A. L. Shelton with illustrations by Mildred Bryant. You can find out more about this book in the Tibetan Folk Tales unit of the Myth-Folklore UnTextbook.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

This book is available at Sacred Texts Archive.

One: The Wise Bat
Two: The Tiger and the Frog
Three: The Cony Who Got into Bad Company
Four: The Story of the Donkey and the Rock (A Black Tent Story)
Five: Story of the Foolish Head-Man
Six: How the Fox Fell a Victim to His Own Deceit
Seven: The Ingratitude of Man
Eight: Covetousness
Nine: The Wise Carpenter
Ten: The Story of Drashup and the Goddesses
Eleven: How the Louse Got the Black Streak Down His Back
Twelve: The Man and the Ghost
Thirteen: The Wicked Stepmother
Fourteen: The Story of the Two Devils
Fifteen: The Wise Woman
Sixteen: The Three Friends
Seventeen: The Rabbit and Bumblebee Bet
Eighteen: How the Rabbit Killed the Lion
Nineteen: How the King Lost His Great Jewel
Twenty: The Story of the Three Hunters
Twenty-One: The Hunter and the Unicorn
Twenty-Two: The Decision of the Official as to Who Owned the One Hundred Ounces of Silver
Twenty-Three: Story of the Prince's Friend
Twenty-Four: How the Raven Saved the Hunter
Twenty-Five: The Two Thieves. (A Black Tent Story)
Twenty-Six: The Golden Squash. (A Black Tent Story)
Twenty-Seven: The Story of the Bald-Headed Man
Twenty-Eight: The Man with Five Friends with Different Colored Eyes (A Black Tent Story)
Twenty-Nine: The Story of the Violinist
Thirty: How the Sacred Duck Got His Yellow Breast
Thirty-One: The Two Little Cats
Thirty-Two: Story of a Juggler's Tricks
Thirty-Three: How the Wolf, the Fox and the Rabbit Committed a Crime
Thirty-Four: The Pewter Vase
Thirty-Five: A Rabbit Story
Thirty-Six: The Story of a Juggler
Thirty-Seven: The Story of a Turquoise
Thirty-Eight: A Wise Idiot
Thirty-Nine: The Man and the Monkeys
Forty: The Story of the Tree of Life
Forty-One: The Story of the Man with the Goitre
Forty-Two: The Story of the Beggar
Forty-Three: The Wily Poor Man
Forty-Four: The Quarrel of the Five Friends
Forty-Five: The Frugal Woman
Forty-Six: The Story of Yugpacan, the Brahman. From Jaschke
Forty-Seven: The Story of Da Jang. From Amundsen
Forty-Eight: Like unto Solomon. From Jaschke
Forty-Nine: Tibetan Song
Tibetan Music

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