Kirby. The Hero of Esthonia

Today's free book is The Hero of Esthonia by W. F. Kirby. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Sacred Texts, Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

Volume 1

Part 1 — The Hero of Esthonia

Argument of the “kalevipoeg”
Canto 1 — The Marriages of Salme and Linda
Canto 2 — The Death of Kalev
Canto 3 — The Fate of Linda
Canto 4 — The Island Maiden
Canto 5 — The Kalevide and the Finnish Sorcerer
Canto 6 — The Kalevide and the Sword-smiths
Canto 7 — The Return of the Kalevide
Canto 8 — The Contest and Parting of the Brothers
Canto 9 — Rumours of War
Canto 10 — The Heroes and the Water-demon
Canto 11 — The Loss of the Sword
Canto 12 — The Fight With the Sorcerer’s Sons
Canto 13 — The Kalevide’s First Journey to Hades
Canto 14 — The Palace of Sarvik
Canto 15 — The Marriage of the Sisters
Canto 16 — The Voyage of the Kalevide
Canto 17 — The Heroes and the Dwarf
Canto 18 — The Kalevide’s Journey to Pōrgu
Canto 19 — The Last Feast of the Heroes
Canto 20 — Armageddon

Part 2 — Esthonian Folktales

Section 1 — Tales Illustrative of the “kalevipoeg”
The Milky Way.
The Grateful Prince.
The Gold-spinners.

Section 2 — Orphan and Foundling Tales
The Wood of Tontla.
The Orphan Boy and the Hell-hounds.
The Egg-born Princess.
The Royal Herd-boy.
Tiidu the Flute-player.
The Lucky Egg.
The Magician in the Pocket, the God-daughter of the Rock-maidens, and the Foundling

Volume 2

Section 3 — Cosmopolitan Stories
The Dragon-slayer.
The Dwarf’s Christening.
The Envious Sisters.
The Gifted Brothers.
The Idiot’s Luck.
The Magician’s Heirs.
The Man in the Moon.
Videvik, Koit, andämarik (Twilight, Dawn, and Evening Twilight).
The Maiden at the Vaskjala Bridge.
The Woman in the Moon.
Red Riding-hood.
Snowwhite, the Glass Mountain, and the Despised Youngest Son.
The Three Sisters.
The Three Wishes.
The Witch-bride.
The Stepmother.

Section 4 — Familiar Stories of Northern Europe
The Fisherman and His Wife.
The Mermaid.
How the Sea Became Salt.
The Two Brothers and the Frost.
The Soldier and the Devil.

Section 5 — Stories of the Gods, and Spirits of the Elements
The Song-god’s Departure.
The Twelve Daughters.
The Four Gifts of the Water-sprite.
The Lake-dwellers.
The Faithless Fisherman.
The Spirits of the Northern Lights.
The Spirit of the Whirlwind.
The Will O’ the Wisps.
The Foundling.
The Cave-dwellers.
The Compassionate Woodcutter.
The Good Deed Rewarded.

Section 6 — Heath Legends. (Jannsen.)
The Wonderful Haycock.
The Magic Egg.

Section 7 — Lake Legends.
Lake Peipus.
The Lake at Euseküll.
Emmu Lake and Virts Lake.
The Blue Spring.
The Black Pool.

Section 8 — Stories of the Devil and of Black Magic.
The Son of the Thunder-god.
The Moon-painter.
The Treasure-bringer.
The Wooden Man and the Birch-bark Maid.
The Compassionate Shoemaker.
Martin and His Dead Master.
The Bewitched Horse.

Section 9 — Hidden Treasures
The Courageous Barn-keeper.
The Gallows-dwarfs.
The Treasure at Kertell.
The Golden Snakes.
The Devil’s Treasure.
The Nocturnal Church-goers.

Section 10 — Oriental Tales.
The Northern Frog.

Section 11 — Church-stories
The Church at Revel.
The Church at Pühalepp.
The Church of the Holy Cross.
The Church at Fellin.

Section 12 — Unnatural Brothers
The Rich Brother and the Poor One.

Section 13 — Plague-legends

Section 14 — Beast-stories
The Man With the Bast Shoes.
Why the Dog and Cat and the Cat and Mouse Are Enemies.
The Origin of the Swallow.
The Spider and the Hornet.
The Officious Flies.

Part 3 — Esthonian Ballads, &c.
The Herald of War
The Blue Bird
Charm Against Snake-bite.

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