Davis-Chow-Leung. Chinese Fables and Folk Stories

Today's free book is Chinese Fables and Folk Stories by Mary Hayes Davis and Chow-Leung. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

How the Moon became Beautiful
The Animals' Peace Party
The Widow and her Son
The Evergreen Tree and the Wilderness Marigold
The Snail and the Bees
The Proud Chicken
The Lemon Tree and the Pumelo
Woo Sing and the Mirror
Two Mothers and a Child
A Boy Who Would Not Tell a Lie
A Great Repentance and a Great Forgiveness
The Man who loved Money better than Life
The Hen and the Chinese Mountain Turtle
The Boy of Perfect Disposition
What the Yen Tzi taught the Hunter
A Lesson from Confucius
The Wind, the Clouds, and the Snow
The Fish and the Flowers
The Hen, the Cat, and the Bird
The Boy who wanted the Impossible
The Boy who became a Hsao-tsze
The Hunter, the Snipe, and the Bivalve
The Mule and the Lion
The Fa-Nien-Ts'ing and the Mon-Tien-Sing
The Body that deserted the Stomach
The Proud Fox and the Crab
A Little Chinese Rose
The Eagle and the Rice Birds
The Children and the Dog
The Two Mountains
A Chinese Prodigal Son
The Lion and the Mosquitoes
The Thief and the Elephant
The General, the Bird, and the Ant
Three Girls who went to a Boys' School
The Rattan Vine and the Rose Tree
The Melon and the Professor

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