Busk. Sagas from the Far East

Today's free book is Sagas from the Far East, or, Kalmouk and Mongolian Traditionary Tales by Rachel Busk. Busk was a widely traveled 19th-century folklorist; you can read more about her at Wikipedia.

For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, Hathi Trust, and Google Books. You can get a free Kindle ebook from Amazon too!

The Saga of the Well-and-Wise-Walking Khan
The Woman Who Sought Her Husband in the Palace of Erlik-Khan
The Gold-Spitting Prince
How the Schimnu-Khan Was Slain
The Pig's-Head Soothsayer
How the Serpent-Gods Were Propitiated
The Turbulent Subject
The White Bird and His Wife
How Ananda the Woodcarver and Ananda the Painter Strove Together
Five to One
The Biting Corpse
The Prayer Making Suddenly Rich
Child-Intellect and Bright-Intellect
The Fortunes of Shrikantha
The Avaricious Brother
The Use of Magic Language
The Wife Who Loved Butter
The Simple Husband and the Prudent Wife
How Shanggasba Buried His Father
The Perfidious Friend
Bhixu Life
How the Widow Saved Her Son's Life
The White Serpent-King
What Became of the Red-Colored Dog

The Saga of Ardschi-Bordschi and Vikramaditja's Throne
The Boy-King
The False Friend
The Pretended Son
Archschi-bordschi Discovers Vikramaditja's Throne
The Suta Tells Ardschi-Bordschi Concerning Vikramaditja's Birth
The Suta Tells Ardschi-Bordschi Concerning Vikramaditja's Youth
Schalu the Wolf-boy
Vikramaditja and Schalu Conquer the Schimnus
The Suta Tells Ardschi-Bordschi Concerning Vikramadija's Deeds
Vikramaditja Acquires Another Kingdom
Vikramaditja Makes the Silent Speak
Who Invented Woman?
The Voice-charmer
The Suta Tells Ardschi-Bordschi Concerning the Seventy-One Parrots and Their Adviser
How Naran Gerel Swore Falsely, and Yet Told the Truth

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