Shaw. Stories of the Ancient Greeks

Today's free book is Stories of the Ancient Greeks by Charles D. Shaw. For the table of contents, check at the bottom of this post below the image.

The book is available at the Baldwin Project, Hathi Trust, and Google Books.

The Gods of Greece
The Fire from Heaven
The Magic Box
The Voices of the Gods
Deucalion's Flood
In the Woods
Under the Waves
In the Moonlight
Among the Stars
The Kingdom under the Ground
Sowing Dragon's Teeth
The Race of Atalanta
Men Turned to Stone
Black Sails or White
Wings of Wax
The Good Ship Argo
The Golden Fleece
Lost by Looking Back
The Horse with Wings
The Singer and the Dolphin
A Fiery Runaway
What a Strong Man Did
A Golden Girl
How Death Was Conquered
The Shepherd Prince of Troy
The Trojan War
The Wooden Horse
The Giant's Cave
The Enchanted Island
Dangers of the Sea
A Friendly Land
The Wanderer's Return
The Splendid City
The Boy and the Fox
The Olympic Games
The Great Lawgivers
The Ring of Polycrates
"I Will Be the Greatest"
The Poets
The Three Orders of Architecture
With Chisel and Pencil
The Battle of Marathon
The Greatest Army
The Brave Three Hundred
The Wooden Walls
The Seven Wise Men
The Richest King
Glorious Days
The Wise Man with the Snub Nose
A Wasted Life
The Retreat of the Ten Thousand
False and Cruel
The Theban Pair
Philip of Macedon
The Man with the Silver Tongue
The Man Called "The Broad"
The Faithful Friends
The Wise Man Who Lisped
The Man Who Was Called "The Good"
Alexander the Great
The Wise Man Who Lived in a Tub
The End of Glory
The Great Mechanic
Conquered by Rome

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