Marshall. Stories of Beowulf.

Today's free book is Stories of Beowulf by Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall published in 1908 with pictures by J. R. Skelton.

The book is available at Hathi Trust, Google Books, and Baldwin Project, and there is a free audiobook too: LibriVox. The links below are to the Baldwin Project edition.

The illustrations are by J. R. Skelton, and I have made a Flickr collection.

How Grendel the Ogre Warred with the Dane Folk
How Beowulf the Goth Came to Daneland
Beowulf Telleth How He Warred with the Sea Folk
How Beowulf Overcame Grendel the Ogre
How the Water Witch Warred with the Dane Folk
How Beowulf Overcame the Water Witch
How Beowulf Returned to His Own Land
How the Fire Dragon Warred with the Goth Folk
How Beowulf Overcame the Dragon
Beowulf's Last Rest

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